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At Nobel Relocation, we offer moving services to those interested in moving to Saudi Arabia or just to visit Saudi Arabia, gain access to Saudi Arabia education and the overall Middle East experience. We’re specialized in Saudi Arabia, but not only.

Our Moving Process to Saudi Arabia

Moving to Saudi Arabia depends on multiple factors. The Saudi government has a few requirements for those interested in an employment visa in Saudi Arabia, whether in Western Saudi Arabia or other parts.

Our team of experts begins with a consultation and assessment before moving to Saudi Arabia, determining the scope of your move and providing a detailed plan of action. We then handle all aspects of packing and loading for Saudi Arabia.

As for your part prior to Saudi Arabia, we recommend making sure you understand what Saudi Arabia demands, as well as the Saudi government requirements. Get in touch with the nearest Saudi embassy for your employment visa and other information about Saudi Arabia living, income tax, tourist visas, the job market in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia residence permit requirements and international schools in Saudi Arabia.

Consultation and Assessment for Saudi Arabia

Our moving to Saudi Arabia service offers a free consultation with our experts, giving you the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and concerns regarding Saudi Arabia. We will work closely with you to create a customized moving plan tailored to your requirements for Saudi Arabia.

Make sure your residence permit for moving to Saudi Arabia is there before contacting us. Reach out to the nearest Saudi embassy and apply for your employment visa to Saudi Arabia and other foreign affairs in the Desert Kingdom. You’ll need a residence permit in Saudi Arabia to benefit from what Saudi citizens have, such as income tax numbers, state health insurance or private healthcare insurance in Saudi Arabia, access to local and international banks, international schools and the education system for your family members in Saudi Arabia. An employment contract from Saudi Arabia may also be required for foreign nationals, like American expats.

Packing and Loading for Saudi Arabia

Our packing and loading service is designed to help moving to Saudi Arabia in a smooth manner. Our team of experts will carefully pack your items using high-quality supplies, ensuring that everything arrives in Saudi Arabia in perfect condition. We also provide secure handling and loading services for Saudi Arabia, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire Saudi Arabia moving process.

Whether you go for dual citizenship in Saudi Arabia, or a work visa from a visa sponsor, foreign residents in the Middle East and especially Saudi Arabia should understand foreign affairs and requirements in terms of what they can bring over.

Your local Saudi Arabian embassy should give you more information about health insurance, licensing authority requirements, oil and gas sectors in Saudi Arabia, the education system in Saudi Arabia or health insurance coverage. A student visa in Saudi Arabia, for example, is different from a work visa, a transit visa or the application for dual citizenship and expat living.

Foreign residents in the Middle East and especially the Desert Kingdom may face restrictions when trying to purchase private land in Saudi Arabia, not to mention foreign ownership. Despite all these potential restrictions in Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, the truth is foreign investors and most expats in Saudi Arabia won’t face too many issues.

Transportation and Delivery to Saudi Arabia

Our moving to Saudi Arabia transportation service offers fast and reliable delivery by ocean freight or air freight. We normally recommend ocean freight to Saudi Arabia because air freight is more expensive. However, many of our customers for Middle East moves choose air freight for speed.

Our Services for Saudi Arabia

Moving to Saudi Arabia can be overwhelming, but with us, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. We support both residential and commercial moves.

Need to ship your vehicle to Saudi Arabia? We’ve got you covered! Whether a car or motorcycle, our Saudi Arabia vehicle shipping service ensures timely delivery without any hassle.

We’ll take care of your moving date when moving to Saudi Arabia, like we did with so many expats moving out of the USA. Moving to Saudi Arabia can be difficult, but expats working in Saudi Arabia’s major cities are happy with their new life.

Meanwhile, you’ll need to focus on your health insurance, your path to becoming a Saudi citizen, bank account, Islamic law or Sharia law in Saudi Arabia, banking system, bank charges, medical services and valid passport.

Household Moving to Saudi Arabia

There are a few considerations when moving abroad to Saudi Arabia. Customs clearance and documentation can be a complicated process in Saudi Arabia, but with Nobel Relocation’s expertise and assistance, we can help streamline the process. Our crating services also ensure that your belongings arrive in Saudi Arabia undamaged.

There are many international organizations in Saudi Arabia that can help with your student visa, final exit visa from Saudi Arabia, private healthcare or a bank account from local banks, not to mention recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia for both Saudi people and foreigners. While we can make some recommendations when moving to Saudi Arabia, the truth is most of the paperwork is your responsibility.

Corporate Relocation to Saudi Arabia

Our Saudi Arabia corporate relocation service provides a dedicated move coordinator for each client to ensure a smooth transition from the US to Saudi Arabia. Our experienced coordinators oversee every aspect of the move to Saudi Arabia, including office space planning and furniture installation, so that your business can resume operations as quickly as possible in Saudi Arabia. We also offer assistance with Saudi Arabia employee relocation paperwork to minimize stress on your staff and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Moving to Saudi Arabia can bring a culture shock. Sure, Saudi Arabia’s natural resources are impressive, and expats working in the world’s largest oil reserves are happy with the decision, whether they end up on the sea or in the capital city of Saudi Arabia. When moving a business to Saudi Arabia, we recommend getting in touch with the Saudi Chamber of Commerce, run by the Saudi ministry and the Al Saud family through different government offices.

Vehicle Shipping to Saudi Arabia

Our Saudi Arabia door-to-door vehicle transport services make shipping their vehicles from the USA to Saudi Arabia easy for expats and business professionals. You can choose between enclosed or open-air shipping options to Saudi Arabia, depending on your budget and preferences. Plus, we provide tracking updates throughout the shipment process to Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, you can focus on getting a bank account when moving to Saudi Arabia, getting in touch with a local estate agent or perhaps visiting the two holy mosques in Saudi Arabia.

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Our Saudi Arabia expert team provides guidance on customs regulations and requirements for international relocation, ensuring a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

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