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USA is by far the most popular destination for UK citizens in terms of getting an immigrant visa. It’s only beaten by Australia, which is further away. There are plenty of reasons to go to the USA from the UK. The culture has a few similarities and lots of differences. The language is the same, yet it has a few quirks. British citizens tend to get used to it pretty quickly.

Then, there are many opportunities and prospects, whether you’re on a working visa or a family visa.

Think about the reciprocal healthcare agreements, too, and the possibility that employers can provide health insurance. In terms of climate, there’s anything you can think of, from sunny beaches and mountains to lakes and deserts.

Whether they’re looking for a new life, they’re unhappy with the failing UK government, or they just want to grow their careers, Brits turn to the USA for numerous reasons.

Just because everyone seems to love the idea, it’s not a walk in the park. In fact, there are quite a few requirements to get immigrant visas and become a lawful permanent resident. Plus, you’ll have to consider the actual move to a new country too.

USA Moving – What You Need to Know

Moving from the UK to USA can bring in a few benefits, as well as some challenges. You’ll need to understand that every British citizen will take a while to season a US citizen when moving to a different country.

You might make a mistake if someone asks you to put something in the bin, not to mention going to a football game.

People drive on the opposite side of the road, and when you cross a street, you’ll have to look left first. The good news is that English is official in both countries.

In terms of challenges, healthcare prices could be a bit of a shock when coming to USA from the UK. Unlike the free NHS in the UK, the one in the USA will ask for money, so insurance is a must.

Medical services are alright, though, but you’ll never be able to get free medical treatment without healthcare insurance. You’ll usually get it through an employer. Opening a bank account is not difficult either.

However, as a Brit, you’ll need to go through a visa application process before pushing to become a resident. It could be a sponsored employment visa or perhaps a classic work visa.

You can opt for family visas, too for all your family members to come over. You can travel as a tourist without bothering about the visa, but moving to the USA to live requires a visit to the national visa center.

It’s worth noting that Americans have their own version of the national insurance number in the form of social security. Social security benefits are also different for foreign nationals.

Whether you’re after income related benefits, a local birth certificate, UK state pension transferred to the USA, housing benefit, pension credit, state pension, or other benefits, it could be a complicated process that requires a lawyer.

Air Freight Service for All Your Belongings

No matter what your immigration status is at the moment or how far you are with immigration services, it’s highly recommended to start preparing for your move to the USA from the UK too. The entire process could be a bit time consuming, hence the necessity of planning. Start planning as soon as you start the application.

While there are more options to ensure easy transportation, here at Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we believe shipping by air is the most effective option. Our professional advice is to get a valid visa, prepare your green card and go for your permanent residency.

Generally speaking, once you gain entry to the USA, whether by a visa application or the green card lottery, using air shipping to bring your stuff over is much faster but also more expensive. On the other hand, like previously mentioned, sea shipments are cheaper, but they take longer.

It’s recommended to avoid shipping until your application process is complete. You can start planning, but don’t get involved with buying property, employment, changing your UK driving license, or English and civics tests.

At the end of the day, your British passport is not enough while dealing with local authorities or the US Department for Homeland Security when moving to the USA.

Bottom line, when moving your items to a another country, air freight transportation is the best option, but also a pricier one. It depends on how much stuff you need to move, as well as how quickly you need it.

Affordable Rates and Shipping Offers to Moving Abroad

Here at Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we have the extraordinary ability to help people move in major cities around the USA, as well as other countries.

We represent one of the first steps to starting a new life abroad, especially if you want to live permanently in the USA.

Once you get your visa or permanent residence, become an overseas voter, stick to local tax rates, get your own home, and bring every family member over.

We are a family owned business and understand the hassle of relocating your belongings to another country, but we’re specialized in it. We offer a full package, which includes packing and unpacking at the destination.

Rates depend on your individual circumstances and potential requirements from the relevant state.

Further information can be obtained if you get in touch with us. Our quotes are free and involve no obligation whatsoever.

Moving to US Made Easy by Nobel Relocation

Our goal is to ease your move, as much as we can, with a plethora of extras. Choose our full package, and we’ll take care of everything.

You just have to jump on a plane and enjoy your new place, whether you want to watch some sports clubs games, apply to receive benefits, change your driver’s license or maybe spend a week in a fancy hotel to celebrate your move.

We strongly encourage our customers to focus on civics tests, attend requirements, possible tax returns, and applications they might need to reside in the USA. Work on your move while we work on moving everything you own.

As complicated as it may seem, we’re also able to transport fragile items, heavy furniture, and even your vehicles. However, when shipping vehicles and certain goods, taxes may apply.

We’ll work with you and keep you updated with everything you’ll need to move stuff abroad. Even when in transit, you’ll get regular updates, so you know precisely where your items are.​




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