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How to Get Ready for Moving to Belize from US

moving to belize from us3Moving to Belize feels like a dream for many. If you’re lucky enough to make this move, you’re probably worried about what an international move actually implies. Whether it’s San Ignacio, Belize City, San Pedro Town or just an isolated house with a view, our experts at Nobel Relocation are here to ease this job.

Many expats have chosen us for this move to Central America, and it’s easy to tell why. We’ll provide you with all the essential information you need and offer a full moving package to ensure your move to the British colony is as smooth as possible.

But before we introduce you to our service, here’s how you need to prepare for this move.

What Makes Belize so Popular for Americans

Moving to Belize or to a different country could be tricky, but there should be no language barriers in Belize. The country’s official language is English, so most expats find it easy to accommodate. You’ll also feel quite welcomed, whether by the locals or expats living there.

Despite English being the official language, more than half of the population speaks Spanish.

If you’re trying to get out of the modern rat race in capitalism, you’ll love the slow paced lifestyle of Belize. With plenty of leisure opportunities available on the Belize Tourism Board website and the ideal weather, you might just find yourself making Belize citizenship your primary goal.

Cost of Living in Belize

moving to belize from us2Pretty much everything in Belize is cheaper than in the USA, whether you’re on a temporary employment permit, an employment visa or a tourist visa. Consumer prices are up to 35% lower. If you count the rent too, your monthly expenses will be 50% lower.

Groceries, the local purchasing power, restaurants and rent are 36% to 77% cheaper in Belize. The price per square meter to buy a property is also 55% to 70% cheaper. Obviously, wages are also lower in a proportional manner. Property taxes range between 0.75% and 1.5% of the property value.

The income tax is set at 25% of the chargeable income.

Visa and Residence Permits

Whether you choose Western Belize or a different area of the Caribbean Sea country, you’ll need a valid passport. Americans can stay in Belize for 30 days without a visa. Monthly extensions are allowed over government offices at $100 per month.

If you choose to move or get permanent residence in Belize, you can enroll in various programs:

  • QRP is for people over 45. You need pensions or investments to prove you can sustain yourself. During the first year, you can import lots of things with no tax, including cars or household goods.

  • Temporary Investor’s Residence Program requires an investment of $250,000 or more.

You can apply for citizenship after five years of permanent residency. It makes no difference if you pick a city like San Pedro or an island like Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker.

Custom Regulations for Belize

Get in the QPR program and you can live comfortably in Belize knowing that you can import anything that’s legal without paying taxes during the first year. Otherwise, when coming from other countries, you can bring limited stuff, such as 200 cigarettes or one liter of spirits.

Making an informed decision regarding your move and living in Belize will be fairly simple with the right plan. To most people, Belize is about starting all over from scratch, but without experience, you can enhance your dream home with good quality furniture or items from the USA at a low cost or no cost.

Pets, Vehicles & Other Things

For pets, you’ll need an import permit in advance, given by the Agricultural Department of Belize. Tick and tapeworm treatments are needed within a month of the entry. All pets must go through the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport.

Cars can be brought in free of charge if you’re in the QPR program; otherwise, you’ll need to pay taxes. Whether in rural areas or major cities, you must purchase Belizean insurance before you can drive.

For art and other things, tax is usually paid if you’re not in the QPR program and you want to live in Belize.

Best Places to Live in Belize

Since the official language in the country is English, you’ll find easy access to authorities, police records, jobs, schools and communication anywhere in Belize. Here are the best cities for expats and a good quality of life:

  • Corozal, close to the border with Mexico. It’s common for tourists, so cost of living is slightly higher, but your income is proportional too, whether you’re self-employed or work for a company.

  • Toledo is a great place for quality of life, calmness, tranquillity, beaches and friendly people.

  • Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize. The real estate cost is slightly higher, but the population and locals are super friendly. There’s a beach nearby wherever you are on this island.

  • Cayo is the opposite of a big city. Land is cheap and people often live in isolated houses in nature. You can easily find a mile wide beach in the area too.

Weather in Belize

Belize has a tropical season, with the dry season between November and April and the wet season between May and October. The official hurricane season runs between June and November. The area is among the most exposed ones in the world.

Possible Issues When Moving to Belize

Safety could be an issue in some areas, but the government is working hard to ensure the well-being of people. The healthcare system isn’t as robust as in the USA either, an important factor to consider if you want to settle in Belize forever after retirement.

Infrastructure isn’t great, not to mention international schools. There aren’t too many for children and you may have to compete against other expats to secure a place. Influent local citizens also choose international schools for their kids, willing to pay big tax money for it.

Explore Our International Moving Packages

moving to belize from us4Our movers are specialized in taking belongings to Belize, as well as other surrounding countries, such as Guatemala. Whether you want to visit for a long period of time or you plan to relocate, Belize’s environment is ideal, and we’re here to give you great value for your dollar.

We’re a team of experienced movers at Nobel Relocation, able to guide you accordingly for both local and international moves. We can instruct you on the paperwork required, but there are certain things you’ll have to do yourself, such as applying for visas.

Whether you move to a cottage in the middle of a fishing village or an apartment in a big city, we can make it happen in a hassle free manner. Meanwhile, pack a few basics, head to Belize and explore the area while we take care of everything else.

Moving Extras for Your Convenience

From Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker to Belize City, moving to Belize may imply more than just an actual move. That’s why we offer all kinds of extras for your convenience.

  • Packing and unpacking. We use our own crates and packing materials, but we also pack in an effective manner before moving to Belize.

  • Vehicle transportation. Be it a car, a motorcycle or a boat, we’ve got you covered when you move to Belize.

  • Furniture transportation. We’ll disassemble and reassemble furniture, so there’s no need to leave it all behind.

  • Storage. Dates may not always match when moving to Belize; hence, our storage package is useful for such situations.

  • Fine art, pets, and other things. No matter what it is you need to do to move to Belize, chances are we’ve already done it before.

Visit Belize, plan your retirement, and discover Belize’s attractions while we take care of your belongings.

How Early to Book Our Moving Service

At Nobel Relocation, we strongly recommend finding accommodation and getting a visa to make your life easier when about to move to Belize. Moving to another country is time consuming. You may also need some more paperwork for the respective country, which could also take a few months.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend contacting us about three months before your planned move to Belize. This way, we can sort everything out regarding your move to a different country.

What Makes Our Moving Service Your #1 Choice

We’ve moved countless people to Belize, hence our reputation. But our reputation isn’t everything. Here’s what makes our Belize service so special.

  • Great value for money. Offering a full package for Belize, we make relocation to a different country an effective solution.

  • Professional advice. We can advise you on certain papers you may need for your move to another country, but you’ll need to obtain such papers yourself, such as papers for permanent residency in Belize.

  • Stress free. We’ll make living in Belize a reality by allowing you to explore the area and find jobs or schools while we take care of everything else for you.

  • Fast. We know exactly what you need to go to Belize. Once your papers are ready, we’ll be there with your belongings in no time, giving you accurate estimates throughout the journey.

Contact Our Moving Experts Today!

Your move to Belize has never been closer. You’re about to start a new life in a heavenly destination, so you want to prevent any possible issues while settling in. That’s what we’re here for.

Get in touch with our moving experts as quickly as you can, so we can give you some checklists and discuss your needs.

We’ll also assess your belongings in order to provide an accurate quote. Keep in mind that our no obligation quotes are free too, so there’s nothing to lose for having a chat with us.




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