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California moving can be an uncomfortable experience, especially when going from Florida. If Florida is a laid back state where people go to chill down and maybe retire, California has a blooming economy and an incredibly active lifestyle.

While there are quite a few California movers to help with this venture, here at Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we offer a full package when it comes to moving from Florida to California. We offer cross country move solutions with numerous extras to make your move as smooth as possible.


Understanding Climate and Weather Contrasts between Florida and California

Most of Florida is located in the southern side of the Northern Hemisphere, but especially in the subtropical climate. From this point of view, Florida is appreciated for its beach life and high average temperature.

The Sunshine State, like it’s often referred to, is a fantastic location if you love the sun. Summers are quite hot and humid. Humidity can become sticky and uncomfortable at times. As for winters, they’re usually wet and relatively mild, so temperatures are less likely to go to a freezing point.

Places like Daytona Beach are renowned for their gorgeous beaches and exciting nightlife, as well as theme parks, which are active and busy throughout the hot Florida summers.

If you’re used to this lifestyle, California weather won’t disappoint either, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and those who can appreciate beautiful beaches. Whether you go to San Francisco, San Diego, California, Los Angeles, or any other place, California’s climate is similar to the Mediterranean one.

Summers are dry and warm, so you’ll get rid of Florida’s stickiness. They’re warm and pleasant. You can hang around the Golden State or maybe check out the San Francisco bay area, weather is great throughout the summertime.

Winters are also wet and mild, just like in Florida. Freezing temperatures are quite rare, whether you choose San Francisco or San Diego.

Whether you choose southern California, the northern side, or anywhere around the West Coast, you’ll find some of the most famous tourist attractions in the country and incredible scenery, just a short drive from wherever you move.

Cultural and Lifestyle Changes in California

Hang around the Golden Gate Bridge, visit the Yosemite National Park, or explore the nightlife in California. You’ll notice a different culture compared to what you’re used to.

Florida has a laid back attitude, and people go there to relax. On the other hand, California has a rapidly expanding tech scene, incredible sports events, plenty of nightclubs, world class dining, fantastic food, and a strong economy overall.

Major cities are the most popular tourist attractions themselves. They’re active and intense. There are lots of professionals, as well as aspirants looking for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Both Florida and California have plenty of tourist attractions and a wonderful culinary scene, but people are different in attitude.

Get ready to meet lots of retired people and southerners in Florida. Go to California, and you’ll find hipsters, liberals, techies, and hippies. Population is younger and clearly more modern.

People in California are urban dwellers. They take risks, and they love change. They attend games of championship winning sports teams at every level, including collegiate sports teams, and they visit local attractions. Those in Florida prefer to relax in their backyards or perhaps attend a game every now and then in Tampa Bay.

Florida can be seen as a southern state with a powerfully urbanized profile. On the other hand, Californians are well influenced by Hispanic culture. People like to spend time outdoors and walk or do sports.

No surprise, considering the wide variety of options, from beaches and the desert to mountains and national parks. The wide variety of national parks makes California a top choice for young families too. California visitors often make sure they don’t miss the gorgeous scenery in such places.

The diverse landscape is attractive, but in terms of money, it has one of the most booming economies in the USA, whether you choose San Jose or Sacramento. The culture scene and fabulous shopping opportunities are what California offers to those who move there.

And believe it or not, compared to the national average, California is the first economy in the USA, at least in 2023, with $3.5 trillion in GDP.

Given the powerful economy, not everyone may afford San Francisco or other large cities. Plus, some taxes may be higher in California, such as the state sales tax, 7.25% in California, and 6% in Florida.

On the same note, California does have a state income tax, while Florida doesn’t.

What are the moving costs from Florida to California?

Moving service from Florida to California

Here at Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we offer nationwide solutions, as well as international moves. We can pack all your boxes, keep all your belongings in a secure storage unit, transport everything from our storage units, and unpack it for you.

We can’t provide a set price for your move, as each service is unique. While some people only move to a studio, some others may choose to move to a four bedroom house.

Our initial service is for transportation only, but we offer multiple extras to ensure a full one stop shop for all your needs. It’s not just more convenient, but also more cost effective, whether you move to a bay area, close to the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, a small place like Ridgecrest by the Death Valley, or by the Hollywood Walk.

If you need us, we’ll also disassemble heavy furniture or awkwardly shaped units, but also pack everything for you as an extra. Storage is also an extra, just in case you haven’t setup your new place yet. We’ll unload and unpack boxes for you as well, not to mention moving one or more vehicles.

Then, all you have to do is travel by plane and see this move as a weekend getaway to your new home.

Shipping from Florida to California can normally range between $1,500 and $6,000, depending on the current location too. It’s one thing to ship from Fort Lauderdale and a different thing to leave from Jacksonville. Two to three bedroom home moves range between $4,000 and $8,500, yet the exact distance is also a factor.

We offer even larger moves, as no job is too big or small for us.

While we get your stuff moved from Florida to California, you can simply enjoy the warm weather in California, laid back lifestyle, attend some of the state’s professional teams’ games, explore vibrant arts and the nightlife, or perhaps admire the green spaces and do some outdoor activities.

There are plenty of teams, as well as lots to do for sports enthusiasts, especially in the glorious sunny weather.

Moving to your new home from Florida to California with Nobel Relocation

Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage is a family-owned business. We’re one of the most reliable moving companies in the USA and offer local, nationwide, and international moves with a plethora of different extras, depending on your needs.

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