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If Florida looks like the perfect place to retire, and enjoy a laid back lifestyle and sunny weather, New York is the ideal option for those who prefer four seasons, the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, and numerous career opportunities.

Whether you’re moving from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or just a small community from South Florida, at Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we offer long distance moves, storage solutions, packing services, and a bunch of extras to ensure a stress-free experience.

On the same note, it makes no difference if you’re planning to move to the heart of New York City, upstate New York, or other cities in the state; we’ve got you covered. Our moving company offers a full moving package that can adapt to the customers’ needs.

The moving process is one of the most stressful experiences in one’s life, especially over such a long distance. However, there’s nothing to be concerned about. We’re not here to move your stuff only but also to provide excellent customer service and keep you happy throughout this venture.

Remember, your moving needs represent our main priority in this long distance move from Florida to New York.

Intrastate Moving Company from Miami Florida

No job is too big or small for us. In fact, we’ve helped plenty of people leave Palm Beach or other places from Florida and relocate to New York City. A move from Florida to your new home is only a matter of planning, and with our experience, your intrastate upcoming move will be extremely easy.

Maybe you’re after a new life in Manhattan, NY, or perhaps you found a job that pays more money. Indeed, residents of NYC expect to pay more for rent or mortgage. The costs of living are higher in NY, but wages compensate for it. How about the cold weather or maybe some snow in the wintertime?

New York is, indeed, a big deal. We offer intrastate moving services in all cities around New York state, regardless of where your big move is. People moving to NYC choose us for the moving experience. Our movers are available for delicate items, heavy furniture, and even vehicles.

We’ll take your belongings anywhere in the country. Indeed, we’re not the only moving company around. In fact, there are numerous New York movers that can come over with a moving truck. However, when hiring experienced movers, you’ll need different services for packaging or disassembly, as well as even more services for extras like car moving.

That’s the best part about Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage. We offer everything in one package. Our New York movers will take anything to NYC, from small belongings, boxes, and crates to large pieces of furniture and cars, everything at an affordable cost.

Storage Solutions Offered by Nobel Relocation

Unable to find a company that will work around your move date? Struggling to match your Florida departure to your New York arrival? It almost never works, but we’ve got you covered. Most people end up in this situation, and it doesn’t really depend on moving companies. Instead, it’s about how good you are at synchronizing everything.

If you want a smooth move, the best case scenario implies having both properties for the duration of your move. However, that’s not cheap. If you need to store your belongings for a while until your new place in Florida is set, our reliable company also offers storage solutions.

Our team will take care of the packaging, load the truck and ensure quick and effective transportation to our storage units. We’ll store your belongings in our secure facilities for as long as you need before taking everything to Florida or anywhere else in the country. It’s one of our extras, and it’s more affordable than classic storage unit companies. The price is much better when you hire a moving service for everything, rather than dealing with more independent movers around Florida.

Whether you need storage for a few days, a week, or a few months, it makes no difference to us. Over the course of your storage needs, your belongings will be in good hands, and no one will open or look into your unit.

Packing Service for Long-Distance Move

Most people prefer to pack belongings themselves before hiring movers in Florida. However, at Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, apart from delivery and transport, we also provide packaging services. While people hope to save some cents by putting things into boxes themselves, we believe it’s more cost effective to leave it to a professional team.

Having a reliable moving company doing the packaging won’t cost you a fortune. In fact, you’ll save a bit on the price since you won’t have to purchase boxes or crates for the job. Plus, the move is stressful anyway, so you might as well go ahead to New York, explore the city, and enjoy the local cafes, restaurants, and parks while our movers do the job for you.

We’re the right choice for your packing solutions because of our moving experience. People tend to pack items based on categories, which is a good idea. We do it differently. We focus on categories as well as space effectiveness.

The more effective your packing is, the more volume your belongings will take. And at this point, it means you’re saving a little because, like all moving companies in Florida or New York City, we charge based on the volume. As if all these were not enough, our experience guarantees safe and effective loading without damaging your items.

Cost of Moving from Florida to New York

The cost of moving from Florida to New York City depends on more factors. It could range anywhere between $900 and $7,000. Since we’re a family owned business, we’re affordable and flexible in terms of costs.

Moving to a studio is obviously cheaper than moving to a three-bedroom home. The distance is just as important, not to mention fragile items, heavy fixtures that might need to be disassembled, or vehicles.

We offer multiple extras too:

  • Furniture disassemble services

  • Packing

  • Storage

  • Delivery

  • Unpacking

  • Furniture reassembly services

Get in touch with us for a free quote, and we’ll go on from there. We’ll offer a no-obligation quote, whether one of our representatives will visit your place in person or contact you over a video call. We’ll also discuss potential extras you may need, and we’ll give you multiple options, advantages, and disadvantages.

At the end of the day, the final decision will always belong to you, but it pays off getting in touch with us for a chat.



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