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Moving from New Jersey to Florida Starts With the Right Moving Company

Long distance is one of the first things that makes you consider moving from New Jersey to Florida a challenge. No matter how exciting it feels to start a new life in the Sunshine State, the hassle associated with the move is enough to put you off. Luckily for you, our movers will make sure you can enjoy the tropical climate in a stress free manner while we take care of your move.

Whether you’re into outdoor activities like bird watching or you’re planning to explore the beautiful beaches in great Florida weather, we make sure there’s nothing to be concerned about regarding your move.

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Cost of Living in Florida

The cost of living for Florida cities is around $50,000 a year per person, which is around the national average but under what you need in New Jersey City. Property and rental prices vary from one city to another. Being around Hollywood means you may have to pay over $700,000 for a property.

Utility bills will be some of your biggest expenses, but they won’t be such a big problem for our young professionals with a decent income. They range around $300 a month.

Compared to some states, Florida averages a relatively high cost of living, yet grocery prices are cheaper than in other places.

Weather in Florida

Florida will most likely give you sunny weather year-round. Most of Florida has a humid subtropical climate, yet the south features a tropical climate. You’ll have a rainy season throughout the summertime, but there won’t be too much rainfall, just occasional thunderstorms.

Long distance Florida moving will give you access to plentiful beaches, lots of outdoor recreation activities, a hip social scene, and sports teams like nowhere else in the USA. While the living costs are affordable compared to New Jersey, you’ll spend more on all this entertainment.

Sure, you may have Jersey Shore where you are now, but nothing compares to the great weather and beautiful beaches in Florida.

Florida offers temperatures up to 82 degrees Fahrenheit in July and up to 61 degrees Fahrenheit in January.

The summer months are hot and humid. As for the wintertime, you won’t really be shoveling snow like in New Jersey. Humid summers aren’t as bad as you imagine, though.

Best places to live in Florida

Avoid places close to world class amusement parks, such as Walt Disney World, Sea World, or Universal Studios, just to name a few landmarks. Unless you love crowded streets with lots of tourists, go away from such places.

Some of the best rated places to live in Florida include:

  • Jacksonville

  • Orlando

  • Sarasota

  • Miami

  • Port Saint Lucie

  • Naples

  • Pensacola

Most of these places offer you a strong business market, a stable housing market, decent living expenses, and good options when researching schools. Obviously, the bigger the city, the less likely you are to find cheaper housing. On the same note, city centers are more expensive than the outskirts.

When hiring movers, our moving company can take care of your belongings, regardless of what you choose. It could be a cobbled place on a historic st. or a rural area, it makes no difference to us.

Things to do in Florida

The fantastic weather offers lots of recreational opportunities in Florida, from jet skiing to fishing. The great weather also means you can hang around popular beaches or just observe the diverse wildlife in the rural area.

Entertainment options are just as varied, especially in large and popular cities. Here are a few options in the sunny state:

  • Busch Gardens

  • Siesta Key

  • Anna Maria Island

  • Amelia Island

  • Magic Kingdom Park

  • Epcot

  • Walt Disney World Resort

  • Universal Orlando Resort

  • Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

  • Discovery Cove

Get your Florida keys to the new place, hand them over, and we’ll take care of your long distance move from the Garden State without bothering you with unnecessary questions. Start your new life exploring desirable places in Florida, rather than struggling with moving companies and additional services.

On the same note, your overall goals in life should also be taken into consideration when choosing a place. Large cities are vibrant and offer more opportunities for work and business, while small villages in the rural area offer more tranquility and a laid back experience in Florida.

Job market, business opportunities and taxes in Florida

Most people associate moving to Florida from New Jersey as a decent option when you retire, but the truth is the local job market has been growing continuously over the past few years. In fact, job opportunities in Florida have grown at a higher speed than in other states of the country.

Whether you choose a city center or a metro area in the most popular cities, there will be lots of job and business opportunities. There are many factors drawing people from NJ to Florida. Apart from the weather, the job market is just as attractive.

Sure, you’re likely to make more money in NJ, but overall, the cost of living is also slightly higher.

Furthermore, there is no state income tax in Florida. Only seven states had inexistent state income taxes, yet there are nine now. The sales tax for Florida is set at 6%, but depending on the Florida cities you consider, sales taxes could go up to 8%. The property tax is just under 1%.

In conclusion, moving to Florida is an excellent idea, and it all starts with an accurate quote from our movers.

Choosing the right movers for Florida

There are lots of moving companies around, but the bad news is that most of them operate locally, rather than providing access to such long-distance moves. We’ll do everything for you, though, meaning we can even help you move internationally.

A cross country move means nothing, especially since we’ve helped countless customers relocate from New Jersey to Florida.

Moving from New Jersey to Florida isn’t an option for retirees only but also for young professionals looking for amazing weather in the Sunshine State or perhaps the idea of ditching the state income tax. At the same time, moving from New Jersey to Florida requires more than just a plain move.

You’re wrong if you think you’ll have to sell everything and spend money when you get to the Sunshine State. We’ll be able to disassemble large furniture and reassemble it once we get to the destination while you enjoy some outdoor activities on the beautiful local beaches.

We can even disassemble pianos, not to mention moving fine art, glass items and other fragile stuff. We can even take your car or motorcycle from New Jersey and drop it on your driveway in Florida. It makes no difference how many vehicles you want to move.

We’ll pack everything in New Jersey and unpack in Florida, meaning you won’t need to take more trips or spend money on boxes and packing materials. We use our own stuff, so we can keep the cost under control.

When moving out of New Jersey NJ, you need to ensure you have the property in Florida ready. That’s not always the case, though. Luckily, we also provide storage solutions on our own premises at an affordable cost. Our premises are secured and feature advanced security systems, so your belongings are safe with us.

Simply put, we strive to offer a full package for your move from New Jersey, NJ, to Florida. While you can also hire more services for each job, chances are the cost will skyrocket.

Cost of moving to Florida

There’s no such thing as a general cost for moving to New Jersey, NJ to Florida, as there are more factors that can influence the quote.

For instance, it’s cheaper to move to a single bedroom apartment than to a three bedroom house. The distance is just as important.

All the extra services you choose will also add to the price, yet they can actually save you money. For example, it’s cheaper to book storage or packing with us than with separate services. Moving a vehicle can also be cheaper since you won’t pay for gas, not to mention the time needed to travel.

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Your move to Florida starts with a quote. Our quotes are free of charge and come with no obligations whatsoever. Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll take you through a video call to see everything you need to move. We may also visit you in person to assess your belongings.

We’ll introduce you to all of our services and break everything down for you to make a more informed decision based on your available budget. Give us a call, and you can book your flights to Florida. We’ll take care of everything while you enjoy a few days exploring the area.

We recommend using this time to find a new local dentist or perhaps schools for your children.

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