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Moving from New York to Florida, Lifestyle Changes & Considerations

Moving from New York to Florida is a big change. Compared to the lifestyle New Yorkers have, the Sunshine State brings in a plethora of differences.

From the state income tax and the wide variety of theme parks to beautiful beaches and ample sunshine, these differences will change everything in your life. Unlike most expectations, not all Florida residents are retired.

Sure, the Sunshine State may look like the perfect place once you grow old, especially places like Palm Bay or Palm Coast.

That’s not everything, though, as the East Coast has many major cities, too, not to mention job and business opportunities.

With a lot of moving companies to choose from, always go for the best. Our movers can help you relocate back to Florida, Miami, or other major cities in no time. We’ll do the long distance move for you while we allow you to explore the area in a stress-free manner.

Cost of living comparison between New York and the Sunshine State

Assuming you rent in both places, your move from New York to Florida will greatly affect your lifestyle. You would need $7,500 a month in Miami to maintain the same lifestyle you have in New York City.

From rent prices and consumer prices to restaurants and groceries, everything is more expensive in NYC, ranging between 15% and 40%.

In terms of real estate, you can rent a simple one bedroom apartment in the central area of NYC for $4,000, compared to just $2,800 in Miami.

On the same note, salaries are also lower. In NYC, a more accurate estimate will put you around $6,300. In Miami, you’d get around $4,200 on average.

Proportions are kept throughout the states, too, with smaller cities or towns in Florida being cheaper than their alternatives in New York.

Florida seems more cost effective overall. And on the same note, our professional movers will help out by keeping costs low with our extras.

There’s no need to do everything yourself, taking multiple trips over such a long distance. Instead, visit the Everglades National Park or check out the local golf courses while we take care of your move.

Climate and weather in Florida

The central and northern parts of Florida benefit from a humid subtropical climate. The warm climate means you’ll enjoy plenty of sunshine once your long distance move is complete. The southern part of the state, on the other hand, has a tropical climate.

The great weather will vary depending on the location and time of the year, but you can still enjoy lots of outdoor activities throughout the year.

The rainy season will start in May and go throughout the summer until October. You’ll have occasional thunderstorms, yet the rainfall will be limited.

It makes no difference if you move to Miami or other known cities in Florida, like Cape Coral. The winter is mild compared to New York City, where you’ll actually get some snow.

While there are lots of Florida movers out there, most of them operate locally only. Our moving company relies on more than just one moving truck, not to mention the additional services we provide.

Whether you move into an apartment or a massive house, we’ll guarantee a smooth move at a lower cost.

Job opportunities and taxes in Florida

You don’t have to associate your Florida move with retirement, whether you need to move your house or belongings from moving containers. Indeed, a decade ago, Florida was associated with an excellent retirement opportunity.

Most New Yorkers are pleasantly surprised with the opportunities in Florida once they get there.

But over the past years, the labor force has grown in Florida, with an average yearly rate of 3.1%. Meanwhile, the national rate was 1.9%, which means job opportunities keep growing in Florida.

In terms of taxes, Florida doesn’t have a state income tax. Meanwhile, New York has a top tax rate of just over 10%. New York City has a top rate of nearly 15%, while Miami doesn’t have one. That’s the main reason why many companies relocate to Florida these days, benefits are just outstanding.

Some of the leading employers in Florida include DPWN Holdings (USA), Inc., Publix, Jabil or Darden Restaurants. Just like you might have guessed already, there are more job and business opportunities in big cities, like Miami, but this also comes with a high cost of living.

The state income tax isn’t the only attractive benefit in Florida, as other taxes are also considered lower than in New York, making Florida a top choice on the East Coast.

Best areas for New Yorkers moving to Florida

Like any other place, including New York City, Florida has both nice and rough areas, yet it’s mostly seen as a beautiful state with a lower cost of living and numerous opportunities for outdoor activities.

Some of the best rated areas in Florida include Tampa, Sarasota, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Naples, or Pensacola.

Planning to move to the Magic City? Not only is it more affordable than New York City, but it also offers a decent cost of living and lots of fishing and boating options for residents.

Some of the top places for family residents in the Magic City include:

  • Little Havana

  • Coral Gables

  • Brickell & Downtown

  • Pinecrest

  • Key Biscayne

  • Coconut Grove

  • Edgewater & Wynwood

  • Bal Harbour

Those living in Orlando or Edgewater & Wynwood are particularly happy with the job opportunities for young professionals.

Bottom line, living in Florida depends on your necessities before anything else. You can pick a tranquil place with retirees for peace and quietness, as well as a vibrant large city with numerous opportunities for professionals.

Extras from our moving service from New York to Florida

More and more New Yorkers getting to Florida from the city choose the most popular cities in the state. Apart from Miami, there are other large places to consider for your big move, such as Jacksonville, Tampa, or Orlando, just to name a few.

Of course, if you’re after a more tranquil city in Florida, you can also opt for places like Palm Bay, Cape Coral, or Palm Coast, which have some beautiful beaches. Most New Yorkers agree that beaches around Cape Coral are among the best in the country.

Whether you’re coming from Brooklyn or Manhattan, you’ll notice a major difference in the cost of life when moving to Florida. Everything is suddenly more affordable, not to mention access to beaches, fishing and boating opportunities, or golf.

In fact, New York City is among the most expensive cities in the country, based on most data and statistics.

When you start preparing your move, make sure you include the moving aspect as well. Creating a plan starts with accommodation. Once you’ve found a place, you can plan the move.

Our family owned business won’t just move your stuff to a new home away from New York, like most people expect. Instead, we offer a bunch of services you can choose from.

We can pack or unpack your stuff, meaning we’ll bring our own boxes, crates, bubble wrap, and other packing materials. We’ll save on the volume, which will keep the costs down, not to mention the time.

If your moving dates don’t match, we can also offer storage on our premises, fully secured and enhanced with security cameras for your peace of mind.

We can assemble or disassemble large pieces of furniture, including pianos. And believe it or not, we can move everything, including fine art, fragile items, or even your vehicles.

Our moving company has decades of experience altogether. As for our company, it’s fully licensed nationally and benefits from comprehensive insurance, so your belongings are safe.

How to book our moving service from New York to Florida

Get in touch with our customer service team once you have a moving date in mind. We’ll take you through a video call to see everything you need to move. Don’t worry about all the details, we know exactly what questions to ask in order to provide an accurate quote.

In some cases, our experts may come over to see you face-to-face and figure out what you want to move, not to mention discussing the extras you may need.

Once everything is agreed on, you can book your flights to Florida and enjoy a few days of peace and tranquility while we take care of your long distance move.

Contact us today for a free estimate for your move from New York to Florida

The move to your new home starts with a free quote. New Yorkers get in touch with us and show us where they want to move. Our quotes have no obligations whatsoever.

We treat all New York residents the same, meaning we’ll also introduce you to our extras and explain the pros and cons, so you can make a more informed decision. Living in Florida requires planning upfront, and apart from all the amenities you require in a new place, you also have to consider your moving options.

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll make your move to Florida a breeze. We’ll give you the opportunity to explore the area and enjoy countless opportunities while we do the hard work for you.



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