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Whether you’re trying to save money with a lower cost of living, you’ve found a job opportunity that you can’t resist, or you want to start a family in a more tranquil place, moving from NYC to Chicago has never been easier.

While not as large as the Big Apple, Chicago is a big city with lots of opportunities and an impressive job market. Unlike NYC, properties are cheaper, as well as bills, groceries, and other associated expenses. The so called Windy City is excellent for single people, as well as families.

Here’s what you need to know before making your move from NYC.


Advantages of moving to Chicago

Things to do outdoors

Chicago residents love outdoor opportunities. Sure, people in New York have places like Coney Island too. Plus, NYC has 14 miles of beaches, but they’re crowded and difficult to reach. If you’re after a relaxing time in Chicago, Lake Michigan is only walking distance from downtown. Plus, Lincoln Park stands out with its natural beauty.

Lake Michigan is overwhelmed with water sports and similar activities. You can find a quiet place on the beach to read a book, or you can enjoy the hustle and bustle. Besides, Lake Michigan is close to other great nearby lakes.

The food scene

Both New Yorkers and Chicago citizens love the local food scene, but the Windy City is more affordable. Chicago style foods are among the best known in the USA. Who hasn’t heard of deep dish pizzas? Deep dish Chicago food is famous all over the world. How about the Chicago style hot dogs? There are numerous influences from all over the world as well, which you can’t find in New York City.

Local attractions

Amenities and attractions go even further. There are plenty of art galleries to explore, as well as sports events from teams like the Chicago Bulls or Chicago Bears. Take the Shedd Aquarium or Willis Tower into consideration too. Chicago has a wide variety of attractions. Moreover, you can get out of the city and explore the wildlife as well.

Short commuting

Commuting in Chicago is not too difficult either. Despite being a large city, it’s not as crowded as New York City. There is less traffic, and public transportation is nearly perfect, yet you won’t need it too much. The Chicago O’Hare International Airport offers great connectivity with pretty much the whole world, so you’ll never find issues with transportation.

Cost of living

In terms of money, the median home price is much lower. Believe it or not, homes in Chicago are about 49% to 66% cheaper than in New York City, whether you go for breakfast in a coffee shop or a fancy dinner in a restaurant. NY has a solid reputation, though, and that’s what makes everything around there feel overrated.

Cost of living in Chicago is about 36.5% lower than in New York City. Indeed, wages are also lower, but only by 10.2%. Therefore, you get better value for money in Chicago. Employment rates are high, and there are numerous opportunities, so it makes no difference what career you’re after, chances are you’ll find a job without too much hassle.

Taxes and fees

According to the Better Business Bureau, the total sales tax in Chicago is at 10.25% and includes all city, county, and state rates. The bureau is easily accessible for those interested in pushing their luck in business rather than finding a job. Like everywhere else, starting a successful business takes a bit of research.

Chicago has no city income tax.

Recreational activities

You can spend lots of time outdoors in Chicago, but you can also go around the waterfront and enjoy a wide variety of activities. There are plenty of coffee shops, fancy restaurants, and a rich nightlife to enjoy. Outdoor recreation stands out, and nothing is a long distance from where you live. Moreover, with a lower population density, it doesn’t feel as busy as New York.

Four season weather

There’s always something to do in New York, but Chicago is a massive city with about 2.7 million residents, so you’ll always find something to do. The weather is not as mild as in NY, but moving from NYC will give you access to all seasons, including snowy winters. Overall, quality of life seems to be better in Chicago, hence the numerous requests to move from New York to Chicago.

Moving Costs from New York to Chicago

The exact cost for moving to a new city is difficult because of more considerations, such as the volume, extras and distance. At Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we guarantee for a seamless move, whether for short or long distance moves.

While prices do vary widely, it won’t be an exorbitant cost to leave NYC. Generally speaking, shipping furniture when moving to Chicago will cost between $1,400 and $5,000.

Moving a two or three bedroom home will go between $2,700 and $6,900 on average. Larger moves can go up to $9,500. We offer easy access to additional services based on your moving needs, not just transportation.

Chicago Relocation: Safe and Stress Free

At Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we offer superior truck lines, regardless of what you need to move. No job is too big or small for us. Our moving company has helped numerous residents relocate, so we know precisely what we’re doing. We know getting into a new home is a rewarding, but stressful experience. Our aim is to remove the stress from it.

From all the moving companies out there, we offer the most complete moving package at affordable rates. You won’t have to hire separate packers or car moving services because we do it all.

We can disassemble large furniture, and offer packing solutions for more space and cost effective rates, but we’ll also disassemble the furniture in your new place. Packing for your NYC move is offered as an extra.

We’ll give you a specific moving date based on your needs. Given the high demands these days, we recommend getting in touch with us early for more flexibility. We also offer access to car transportation solutions from NY to Chicago. If your home is not ready yet, we’ll store your items in our secure facilities.


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