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Moving from Atlanta to New York could open up a new world of exciting opportunities. Sure, Atlanta summers aren’t too bad, and the job market is flourishing, but NY averages are higher, and warmer weather is definitely worth it. Moreover, the Big Apple has many more opportunities.

Most of our clients moving from Atlanta to New York do it for the job and business opportunities. You don’t necessarily need to head for the heart of New York City, as the city limits offer lots of opportunities and easy transportation.

New Yorkers in the metro area often rely on public transportation, yet they also own personal vehicles, it’s just a matter of personal preferences. Home prices are higher than the average in the USA, but wages are directly proportional.

However, assuming you’ve already made the decision to move from Atlanta to New York State, what happens with the actual moving? How do you start a new life in a new city? It all starts with finding the right movers for your relocation from Atlanta to New York.

Choosing the right moving company can be exhausting. There are plenty of New York moving companies and just as many in the metro Atlanta area. Whether you ask Atlanta residents or you look for reviews, we’re one of the best Atlanta movers and for some good reasons.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can guarantee a smooth move in the largest city in New York.

Our moving services explained

When you hire movers in the Atlanta area, it’s not just about having a moving checklist ready. Moving costs are just as important in the process. You don’t want to spend a fortune, but you know that the cheapest man with a van will give you terrible service too.

Our stress free service can help with a long distance move, as well as a local one. Most services offer local relocation and the same standard. On the other hand, we’ll take your stuff anywhere, even from Atlanta, GA, to New York or surrounding cities.

We’ll treat your stuff with the utmost care, ensuring everything gets to your new destination in NY in the exact same state. From cross country moves to local moves, our movers are average high in terms of costs.

It all starts with a free quote for your big move. It makes no difference where your new home is in NYC or what neighborhood you’re after. Customers moving will have to tell us what they need to move, how big their home is, whether or not they’re taking furniture or fragile items, and so on.

Unlike other companies, our services start with a detailed interview, taking into account the moving date from Atlanta, GA. We’ll ask all the questions upfront, only to make sure there are no hidden costs or unexpected surprises later on.

Even if there’s something you might forget about, our company movers will ask about it, don’t worry. Furthermore, our company is covered by full insurance, so your relocation will be a breeze. Whether you’re moving a studio or a three bedroom home, our professional movers will make it happen.

A bunch of extras for your convenience

Our service is an excellent choice for your move and transportation. We have more than just one truck, so we’ll take everything in one go. Most clients living in Atlanta, GA choose our transportation service for its great customer service, but that’s not everything.

We can help in moving anywhere around the world, be it a house or a flat in a skyscraper. Furthermore, we offer a full package for your new life to start in peace after you relocate.

We have a team composed of people moving items for customers in a consistent and efficient manner. New York has four distinct seasons; we can move you in the summer, as well as the winter, even snowy winters. Most clients expect us to work in the warm season only, that’s just a misconception.

Moving dates not matching? No problem at all! If you have to leave your current home prior to moving to the new one, we can offer storage solutions. We have highly secured storage units on our premises, so your belongings are safe.

Moving vehicles? Cars? Motorcycles? Consider it done. Fragile items? Just as easy.

Indeed, you can get all these things from other companies, but it’s more cost effective to get them as extras from one service only. Plus, hiring multiple companies means you’ll need to make sure their availability matches, which is mission impossible.

Cost of living in New York

A family of four will spend just under $5,000 a month, without including rent and a mortgage, while a single individual will spend around $1,300 a month. New York is considered more expensive than the average city in the USA, but wages are proportional too. The average monthly salary is around $6,300.

Renting a single bedroom flat in the central area will cost about $4,000 per month. Go on the outskirts and you’ll pay less than $3,000. A three bedroom house will be about double.

Job market in New York

The private sector keeps going up. However, the unemployment rate is somewhere around 5.4%, not far from the national average.

Some of the biggest employers include Duane Reade Holdings, Inc., Deloitte, Pwc and Citi.

Top sights in New York while waiting for us

We’ll take care of your move without bothering you with unnecessary phone calls. Meanwhile, we recommend exploring the city. Here are some of the main attractions to visit:

  • Central Park

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Times Square

  • Statue of Liberty

  • Empire State Building

  • Brooklyn Bridge

Some of these places look even better during snowy winters.

A local moving business run by local people

Our moving company is the best Atlanta service based on customer testimonials and the services we offer. From all the New York moving companies, Miami moving companies, and especially Atlanta moving companies, what matters most is the diligent and honest work of that company. At Nobel, we’re probably the oldest. Our movers have decades of experience altogether.

We have the tools, equipment, and infrastructure to ensure a good quality result.

Besides, our moving company is fully insured and licensed, yet we’ve never experienced any unexpected situations. Just because your belongings are covered doesn’t mean we won’t look after them.

Moving from Atlanta to New York City is a long-distance challenge for most people, not to mention the moving costs. We’re a family operated moving company. We offer extras ourselves, without relying on third party moving companies. That’s how we manage to keep prices low.

We’re not specialized in moving from Atlanta to New York City only. Instead, we can take your belongings anywhere, so we’re familiar with different locations all over the country.

Living in New York City, NY gives you access to a different type of population, a new lifestyle, sports events and lots of landmarks to visit. We want you to spend some quality time exploring the area and getting familiar with it while our experts take your stuff from Atlanta to New York City, NY.

Both residential and commercial moving help in Atlanta

We’re one of the few moving companies from Atlanta to New York, NY, helping both residential and commercial customers at an affordable cost. We’ve moved both families and businesses from Atlanta, GA, to New York, NY, not to mention other locations.

It makes no difference where your new home or business is, we’ve got you covered.

In terms of commercial moves, we’re quite flexible, yet we do recommend giving us a moving date from Atlanta, GA to New York, NYC as soon as possible for your peace of mind. Our professional movers in Atlanta have helped relocate small offices, as well as large industry companies, just check our reviews.

Whether you do it in the summer or your business could do with a break during winter, our professional workers and truck are readily available to help you relocate from Atlanta, GA, to New York, NY, year round.

Local and cross country moves from Atlanta

Many moving companies operate only locally. They can move your stuff around Atlanta, GA, or the surroundings, but they can’t take it from Atlanta, GA, to New York, NYC. Our movers can and will. We also offer international moves.

We’ll allow you to integrate into the community and local population while we take care of the move.

Whether you’re moving locally or from Atlanta to New York NYC, we strive to keep moving costs affordable by offering various extras, rather than having you book different services around Atlanta or NYC.

While we do have experience with moves from Atlanta to New York, the truth is we can move you in nearby cities as well. Just give us the address over the phone, and we’ll give you a quote for the total cost straight away.

Since the cost is the main concern for people going from Atlanta to New York, our movers like to split our cost quotes, so you know precisely what everything will cost you. There is no such thing as a hidden cost in our movers’ quotes.

Get in touch with us today for your move from Atlanta to New York

The cost of going from Atlanta to New York depends on more factors, and our movers are ready to explain everything to you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before getting in touch with us:

  • Are you moving to a classic one-bedroom flat or a four-bedroom house?

  • Are you moving any vehicles from Atlanta?

  • Are you moving any pieces of furniture that must be disassembled in Atlanta?

  • What’s the distance to your new location when moving from Atlanta to New York?

  • Do your moving dates match, or do you need some storage on the way to New York?

These are some of the factors that will influence the price when going from Atlanta to New York. Our movers will take you through everything, so we can determine upfront the volume, how many movers we need, and how many trucks we have to bring.

On average, the move from Atlanta to New York should be a matter of a few days only. Whether you’re already in New York or you’re still in Atlanta, get in touch with our customer service in Atlanta, and we can have a chat.

In some cases, a video call will be enough to see what you need to move from Atlanta. But if you’re not in New York yet, one of our experts may turn up to have a face to face chat with you in Atlanta.



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