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Moving from Atlanta to North Carolina Made Easy

Are you considering a move from the bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia, to the commercial hub of Charlotte, North Carolina? While browsing Atlanta to Charlotte movers will give you lots of options, yet you’ll quickly realize that finding cross-country movers isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Sure, most movers in Charlotte work locally, but when it comes to a long distance move, chances are you need to dig deeper. With decades of experience and a constantly adapting attitude towards the industry needs, our moving company stands out in the crowd.

We’re ranked among the best Atlanta to Charlotte moving companies, yet we operate all across the country, providing a full package for our customers.

Whether you’re interested in Raleigh, Charlotte, any other city in North Carolina, or just locally, we’ve got you covered at an affordable moving cost.

We don’t have a particular specialization in Charlotte. We can help with a cross country move, but we’ll also move your belongings round the corner. The new location doesn’t matter to our team. Moving from Atlanta to Charlotte cost depends on more factors, the package you pick and how much stuff you have.

We strive to offer a stress free moving experience for your upcoming move. Get in touch with our team early so we can pick a move date to Charlotte according to your needs. Our quotes are free, moving from Georgia to Charlotte is straightforward and we offer a bunch of extra to make your life easier.

Full long distance moving package from Atlanta to North Carolina

When you hire movers for leaving Atlanta, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Moreover, you may need more services to help out with different needs around Charlotte. Luckily, we’re one of the few moving companies out there that can offer everything in one single package.

For instance, we offer both packing and unpacking services before loading everything to our moving truck. NC averages will cost more than just getting this extra. Even if you have large bulky items, we can disassemble things like furniture and reassemble them at your new destination in Charlotte, keeping moving costs low.

Fragile items? Antiques? Art? Glass stuff? Consider it done. Even if you think you can save money by doing all these yourself, you’ll spend more on packing materials and crates. Besides, we’re experienced in packing, so we’ll save you money by keeping the volume low for your long distance move to Charlotte.

We can transport anything. Ask us, and we’ll give you a free moving quote when moving from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC. We can also move vehicles, from cars to motorcycles.

All these extras will add to the cost, but you’ll spend less if you get everything from the same moving company rather than hiring different services, whose availability may not always match.

Cost of living comparison between Atlanta and Charlotte

You would need nearly $7,000 in Charlotte to maintain the lifestyle you have in Atlanta. Consumer prices are around 5.5% higher in Charlotte if you include rent. Without rent or buying a property, consumer prices would be 3.5% lower in Charlotte.

The real estate market is what makes Charlotte slightly more expensive than Atlanta.

What to do in Charlotte once you move in?

Charlotte has a rich culture and there are lots of things to do. Explore it with the wide variety of official tours, by foot, segways or minibuses. There are quite a few historical tours as well. In terms of attractions, here are the main ones among tourists:

  • Billy Graham Library
  • NASCAR Hall of Fame
  • Discovery Place Science
  • Carowinds
  • Freedom Park

Best neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC

Like everywhere else, you’ll find both nice and rough places to live in Charlotte. Some of the best areas to consider include:

  • Dilworth
  • Davidson
  • Providence Crossing
  • Ballantyne
  • Elizabeth
  • Myers Park

The central part of Charlotte offers access to numerous amenities, but the real estate market is higher than around the outskirts of the city.

Packing and unpacking for your peace of mind from Atlanta to North Carolina

Packing is something most people choose to do themselves. Whether they change cities or they move to the same neighborhood, they rarely choose to hire a separate service. After all, how hard is it? Exactly, the job itself isn’t too difficult, but it can get pretty expensive.

When moving, you’ll need boxes and crates, not to mention lots of bags. Like everyone else, you may have some fragile items, too, not to mention things that can get easily scratched or dented. For all these things, you’ll need to invest in packing materials before moving.

Think about driving yourself and moving all the small bits to your new building, which is time consuming and stressful.

While not a default service, our packing solutions are available on request. You won’t have to be concerned about anything since our mover will bring crates and boxes, tape, and packing materials, such as bubble wrap.

You can also rest easy knowing that hiring us will save you even more money. We’ve packed tons of belongings, so we know how to set everything up in a perfect puzzle.

Hire our helpful movers, decide on a date, give us the address of your new perfect place and we’ll sort everything out for you. Go to our website for a quote.

Safe transportation of all your belongings from Atlanta to Charlotte, North Carolina

Most people in Georgia associate movers with people who rarely care for their belongings. Sure, there are a few nightmare stories out there, but we put responsibility first. That’s why we have countless positive reviews.

We’ll pack and move everything with the utmost care to your new home for your peace of mind. We don’t throw boxes around, but manhandle everything with care. We have all the tools to guarantee a safe and effective job. Forget about asking friends for help in the process. We’ll load and handle your belongings while you rest and wait in your new home with your family.

In the past, we’ve moved antiques, expensive furniture, glass items, and fine art with no issues whatsoever. We give our customers a precise hour and time for our arrival as well, so the whole move will be smooth and convenient.

We’re always available for your move from Atlanta, there’s no need to research for other movers. The range of your move is irrelevant, and believe it or not, we’ve also helped people living abroad.

Storage solutions throughout the entire process from Gerogia to North Carolina

While not ideal, it happens. Sometimes, your departure date doesn’t match the moving date. You’ll need space to store your belongings. Fortunately for you, that’s another extra we offer. Our users don’t have to worry about anything in the process.

Stop reading one article after another, trying to find the best storage facility because we have our own. Our premises are secure and patrolled, so your belongings are safe with us.

Even if you’ve already booked a different storage facility, we’ll be able to move your belongings from any place to your new destination, without any issues. However, if you haven’t, we believe you’ll actually save money by getting extras from our service, rather than hiring separate services.

Starting a new life, moving from Atlanta to Charlotte or Raleigh North Carolina

Hiring a moving company when going from Atlanta to Charlotte is difficult. Almost every moving service runs locally, around Atlanta, GA, and other nearby cities, making your life more difficult.

Our moving service from Atlanta to Charlotte covers anything you can think of. We’ll pack your stuff in Atlanta, GA, get our movers to take it to Charlotte, and unload everything. If your moving dates don’t match, our movers will store your stuff in our storage facilities, whether in Atlanta or Charlotte.

Give our movers in Atlanta a call and we’ll provide a free quote for the total cost. We strive to keep the moving cost low by offering more extras. Moving costs from Atlanta to Charlotte obviously depend on what extras you require, so make sure to request everything.

When getting a cost quote for moving from Atlanta to Charlotte, one of our company experts will give you a video call to see where you’re living and what you need to move. In some cases, a company mover will turn up for a face to face assessment before providing a cost.

Once we’re set, our moving company from Atlanta to Charlotte will determine how many movers and trucks are required for the job. We’ll disassemble stuff, pack and move everything. On request, we can move vehicles too at an affordable cost.

Our Georgia moving company will take care of your move from Atlanta to Charlotte at a good cost. You can grab your family and rest easy knowing that a truck is on the way. Spend some quality time in your new city in Georgia while we’ll take care of your move from Atlanta to Charlotte.

Get in touch with our moving company today, and let us take care of everything for you. We have the men, tools, and experience to ensure a safe long range move to Georgia.

Your Premier Choice For Moving Atlanta to North Carolina

Our Atlanta movers represent one of the leading moving companies in the area. We stand out among Charlotte moving companies and for some good reasons. First of all, we offer a full package, so we can tackle all your needs without you having to hire a different service.

Second, we’re the best Atlanta moving company because we have more than just one moving truck. We have a massive team, as well as an impressive fleet to move everything in a stress free manner, in one go. Give us the move date to our Atlanta to the Carolinas movers, and we’ll give you a free quote immediately.

Moving from Atlanta to Charlotte, NC can be tricky because most movers in Atlanta, GA operate locally.

On the other hand, we can take your stuff anywhere in North Carolina when moving from Atlanta, GA. Our movers are available for international moves from Atlanta, GA as well.

No matter what you’re moving or where in NC you want to move, we’ll be able to provide a free moving quote on the spot, but also to keep moving costs from Atlanta to Charlotte affordab



In effort to keep you and your family/employees, safe you can request a virtual estimate.


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