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Moving from Atlanta to Philadelphia in One Smooth Package

Moving from Atlanta to Philadelphia might feel overwhelming, but our moving company has seen and done everything. Our professional mover stands out among moving companies for offering a wide variety of moving services at an affordable moving cost.

We don’t believe in dragging out hourly rates. Instead, we offer a free moving quote based on home prices, size of your home, amount of belongings, and distance. Simple as that. Our company movers will ensure moving from Atlanta to Philadelphia is a stress free experience at affordable rates and in a timely manner.

Let our movers take care of everything while you focus on your family reasons to move, signing up with a new doctor, or perhaps finding a school for your kids. Our services become available with a phone call and a no-obligation quote.

Our moving company from Atlanta to Philadelphia offers comprehensive relocation services with a full package, as well as unique extras based on your unique necessities.

Cost of living in Philadelphia

A family of four is expected to need around $4,500 a month for a comfortable lifestyle, and that doesn’t include rent or mortgage. A single person will usually require less than $1,000. Rent for a single bedroom apartment ranges between $1,800 for the central area and $1,300 for the outskirts.

The purchasing power index is rated at 112, which is considered very high.

Healthcare in Philadelphia

The healthcare system in Philadelphia is well rated, with lots of small surgeries or hospitals available for all kinds of problems. Staff is well trained as well, yet satisfaction with prices and responsiveness is considered average, like in most big cities in the USA.

Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Like any other big city, Philadelphia has both good and bad areas. If you haven’t found a home yet, here are the best areas to consider:

  • Washington Square West
  • Old City
  • Rittenhouse Square & Fitler Square
  • Fairmount
  • Northern Liberties
  • Queen Village & Society Hill
  • Passyunk Square

Your belongings come first to us

Unlike local Philadelphia movers, we put your belongings first. We have full company insurance anyway, but that doesn’t mean we’ll overlook your relocation from Atlanta to Philadelphia. Our company movers will disassemble and reassemble furniture for effective crating as well.

We’ll wrap furniture and fragile items effectively when moving from Atlanta to Philadelphia without adding to the costs. Our service cost includes our utmost care. We don’t throw boxes around in the moving truck, but we pack them nicely for safe transportation from Atlanta to Philadelphia.

Packing is an extra, in fact, we’re one of the few moving companies that offer this service. We can even move your car or motorcycle rather than have you driving or riding to your new neighborhood. Our mover will take care of all these, so there’s nothing to worry about.

From a small one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house

Atlanta’s population is currently growing, so most of the customers hiring us will move to a large family house. It makes no difference to us if you’re living in a simple one bedroom apartment or a large four bedroom house. Neighborhoods are irrelevant as well for our movers.

Sure, the money you’ll pay depends on the size, as well as the number of belongings you want to move from Atlanta to Philadelphia, the distance, and the extras you choose. Our high level of professionalism will guarantee cheaper support if you book our extras, rather than hiring different services in Atlanta.

No matter what you want to move, or where you want to start a new life, the average cost will be lower with our full package.

Use the form on our website or contact us by phone to get an idea about your expenses and a free quote. Your relocation package from Atlanta to Philadelphia is carefully customized to meet your needs. Our moving company believes in transparent prices and won’t overcharge you. Instead, unlike other moving companies, we’ll ask what you need and give you extras based on your requests.

Keeping moving costs under control

Our moving company from Atlanta to Philadelphia has introduced all the extras to ensure you keep costs under control. Families often hire different services, one for packing, one for storage, and another for moving. Well, we offer all these things in one big package that covers everything.

This means you’ll actually cut the cost of moving services from Atlanta to Philadelphia. Even if you think you can pack yourself, we have the boxes, crates, and packing materials, so we’ll save you money there. Plus, we can crate more effectively to keep the volume low for the relocation.

Just give us the moving date, and we’ll get to work. We’re one of the few companies able to provide insurance for cross country moves, so it makes no difference where you’re living.

Simple and straightforward relocation services at a low cost

Whether you’re moving from Atlanta to Philadelphia for the summer weather, sports, or mild winter, we’ll make sure you have enough time to get used to the surrounding neighborhoods while we take care of everything for you. You won’t even need to drive there, as we’ll be able to move one or more vehicles from Atlanta to Philadelphia, too, all at a low cost.

Instead, go out there in Philadelphia, set up your new home, explore the area, go out with your family, find a new doctor, or perhaps some schools for your kids. Go out and have a good time while we move and unpack your belongings.

It’s said that a house move is one of the most stressful experiences in one’s life. We disagree. We believe that picking the right Atlanta to Philadelphia movers will guarantee a smooth move with no stress whatsoever. You can have a good time while our moving truck brings everything over.

Contact us for a rough estimate today

The average mover makes more by offering a long distance move, such as Atlanta to Philadelphia. Such moving companies overcharge their customers due to the distance.

We have such a large number of clients and recommendations that we simply don’t need to. Our moving team isn’t specialized in Atlanta or Philadelphia only. We’ve used our truck for moving from Atlanta to Miami, Washington, and even international moves.

All you have to do is complete the moving form on our website, and we’ll be able to discuss your Atlanta to Philadelphia move, providing you with a cost or an estimate. Apart from the form, you can also call our moving experts directly.

At that point, a moving technician will get in touch with you over a video call. We need to see what you’re moving from Atlanta to Philadelphia, whether it’s just a piece of furniture or a three-bedroom house. In some cases, one of our moving experts will turn up to see you face-to-face and assess your belongings.

The moving cost from Atlanta to Philadelphia doesn’t depend on the volume or the distance. Here are a few other questions to prepare before talking to us:

  • Do you need storage in Atlanta or Philadelphia if your moving dates don’t match?
  • Do you want us to pack in Atlanta and unpack in Philadelphia?
  • Do you need vehicle transportation to Philadelphia, PA?

Once we have the full picture, we’ll be able to give you a specific quote with no hidden costs. Our quotes have no obligations, so there’s literally nothing to lose by getting in touch with us for a chat. However, considering our reputation and good prices, chances are you’ll stick to our professional services.



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