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Moving from Boston to Atlanta – What You Need to Know

Like any other long distance move or interstate move, moving from Boston to Atlanta may seem like a challenge. You have a lot to do, from finding the best neighborhoods for housing to getting a job. And on top of all these, you’ll need a reliable moving company too.

Here at Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we offer the best service for a long distance moving company. We’ll do all the heavy lifting to our moving trucks, pack and unpack, and even provide long-term or overnight storage for your stuff.

Wondering what can happen with all my furniture? Our Boston movers offer disassemble and reassemble services as well, not to mention using our own packing materials. But before hiring our moving services or inquiring about the price, what should you know about Atlanta?

Cost of living between Boston and Atlanta

Moving from Boston to the Peach State comes with some benefits. The cost of living in Boston is nearly 50% higher than in Atlanta. Sure, wages in Boston are higher too, but on average, they’re only 15% higher in Boston.

If you take the cost of living into consideration, too, you’ll realize Atlanta will give you a much better quality of life than almost every Boston area. From groceries and restaurants to housing and bills, everything’s more expensive in Boston.

Job opportunities in Atlanta

Let our movers handle your upcoming move while you focus on the job market in Atlanta. The biggest city in Georgia hosts quite a few Fortune 500 companies, including Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, and UPS.

Attractive tax credit laws mean the entertainment industry is huge, too, not to mention a top-notch health system and numerous employers in this industry.

Housing in Atlanta

Our Atlanta movers guarantee an express delivery of your items regardless of where you go. We recommend browsing the housing market and arranging accommodation before hiring our professional services. How much stuff can you bring in? Our moving service can take anything, from heavy furniture and art to clothes and even vehicles.

Our Atlanta moving company has more than just one moving truck; just make sure you can fit everything in your new home. Houses in Atlanta are about two times younger than houses in Boston, but they also cost about 45% less, which is a major advantage whether you want a studio apartment or a three-bedroom house. Reasonable prices offer excellent value for money. When getting a home in Atlanta, double-check the necessity of a parking permit. Parking permits add to the expenses, but they’re affordable.

Getting to your final destination in Atlanta

As one of the leading moving companies in the area, we’ll take care of the entire process in an extremely professional manner, with no hidden fees, but competitive pricing.

We have a rich history, and we’ve diversified our solutions to match our customers’ needs.

At Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, Boston to Atlanta moving becomes a breeze. Apart from transparent pricing, we make sure we transport your belongings safely and with the utmost care.

Our best professional movers offer extras like:

  • Disassemble and reassemble furniture
  • Crate belongings before the moving day
  • Load and unload the truck
  • Offer storage if your new home isn’t ready yet
  • Transport art, furniture, and even vehicles from Boston to Atlanta

Other movers will charge a flat rate when you move from Boston or perhaps ask you to pay extra out of nowhere for long hourly rates. Our company offers customized service based on what you need, that’s what makes us the best movers and one of the most respected moving companies.

We work efficiently at reasonable rates, and we try to make your moving experience as smooth as possible. We’ll also turn up with our own insurance.

Total cost of a move from Boston to Atlanta

Contact us before your next move from Boston to Atlanta. Let us know the moving time, and show us what you want to move, and we’ll give you a free quote and the best prices. We’ve recently moved people to Atlanta for an excellent price, so we know exactly how to prepare before the time moving.



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