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Moving to Atlanta from NYC Made Easy by Our Experts

Moving to downtown Atlanta, the metro Atlanta area, or the surroundings, or perhaps a southern city in Georgia, moving from New York City has never been easier.

Here at Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we offer a full package and comprehensive extras, pretty much everything you would expect from a moving company.

We run our trucks all along the East Coast from New York to Georgia and Florida, and back to New york and New Jersey.

This is where you start your Atlanta dream, but how is the vibrant city of Atlanta compared to the Big Apple? Here’s the ultimate guide to your move from NYC.

Cost of living comparison between New York and Atlanta

You’ll need more than $10,000 in New York City to enjoy the standard of life you would have with less than $8,000 in Atlanta.

Everything is cheaper in Atlanta. Consumer prices are 10% to 25% higher in New York City, not to mention restaurants and groceries, which are about 10% higher. Rent prices in New York City are about 75% higher, while the local purchasing power is clearly lower by up to 6%.

Job opportunities in Atlanta

The Georgia tech department is strong, and Atlanta makes no exception. Some of the large companies headquartered in Atlanta include The Coca Cola Company, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, and AT&T Mobility.

The job market is excellent, not to mention entrepreneurial opportunities, hence the city’s popularity among young professionals.

The average income in Atlanta ranges around $77,000 a year.

Housing and neighborhoods in Atlanta

Moving to a new city implies checking out rental and home prices, too. Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia, meaning costs are higher than in other nearby cities.

When interested in apartment hunting, you’ll realize everything has an affordable cost compared to New York or New Jersey. Here are the top areas new residents should aim to live in:

  • Sandy Springs

  • Roswell

  • Alpharetta

  • Buckhead

  • Imman Park

  • Virginia Highland

The median home price in the Atlanta area is around $420,000, with massive discrepancies between different areas. New Yorkers will find the market much lighter.

Weather in Atlanta

Atlanta has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. You’ll love the warm weather in the summertime, going up to 89 degrees in July. In the wintertime, the lowest temperature will average around 34 degrees. Mid-October is the most average time of the year, with about 61 degrees.

Atlanta summers are quite attractive because the music scene explodes, and there are lots of low-cost fun activities around. The average high during the summer months is 85 degrees.

Culture scene in Atlanta

There are plenty of beautiful parks, museums, and places to visit in Atlanta, while sports fans can attend games of the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Falcons, only to name a few local clubs.

The warmer weather means you’ll be able to enjoy more outdoor activities, great food stalls, and drink venues. No matter what your personal preferences are, moving from New York will bring plenty to explore in Atlanta, especially in great weather.

Collard greens, bars, street food, restaurants, you name it. The southern charm won’t disappoint when starting a new life in Atlanta.

Transportation in Atlanta

Most places have free parking, but you’ll have to pay for it downtown. Most people drive their personal vehicles, but like in all big cities, there’s rush hour traffic. However, traffic is significantly lower than in New York. When moving from NYC to Atlanta, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

The public transportation system is quite good, yet long-distance traveling may require a personal car.

Here at Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we’ll let you enjoy and get used to all these while we take care of your moving checklist or smooth move to your dream home. We’re one of the most respected moving companies, with countless additional services for your convenience.

From packing and crating to unpacking and even storage facilities, we’ve got you covered, regardless of what you want to take with you in Atlanta.



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