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Piano Movers in Washington and Maryland for Transportation of Fragile Items

To most people, furniture is the most challenging part of the moving process. But certain types of it are also considered fragile and more valuable, such as grand pianos. From this point of view, if you’ve got something like this to move, it pays off choosing professional piano movers who know what they’re doing.

At Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, our piano movers have handled countless moving requests, and pianos are just part of the game. Our piano moving company has dealt with all kinds of requests and has never failed to impress.

Why is it so difficult to move a grand piano?

Our experienced piano movers know that your connection to a piano runs deep. It’s a centerpiece in your home and brings people together. Moving a professional piano is more challenging, though, and small mistakes can ruin it.

Here are some of the challenges people face when thinking to move grand pianos or even baby grand pianos around Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland:

  • Door dimensions for average homes in Washington D.C.

  • Size of a baby grand piano and the long distance move.

  • The necessity to transport an upright piano.

  • Stairs, staircases, and poor weather conditions.

  • Delicate parts of a piano are prone to damage.

At Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we’ve seen and done everything. Our professional piano mover can transport upright pianos and even disassemble and reassemble them if needed. We’re an insured moving company, so there’s nothing to be concerned about. Leave yourself in our careful piano moving hands, and you won’t regret it.

Main factors that complicate a piano moving process

As if all those piano moving challenges weren’t enough, our professional movers have also dealt with various obstructions in the process, massive units that require special trucks and tight corners, difficult when it comes to an upright piano.

Don’t worry about it. We’re one of those piano moving companies that have moved all kinds of shapes, makes, and designs in terms of local and long-distance requirements.

We know pianos are big investments, so our fully insured experts strive to offer a great service with the utmost care. Our piano moving experts offer customized solutions for both residential and commercial moves, only to make sure we’ll get your piano safely to the final destination.

Our piano moving services detailed

Decide what else you want to take on your long distance moving experience, and get in touch with us for a stress free adventure. Our piano movers won’t just get your piano moved, but also furniture, pets, art, and even vehicles.

We’ll give you a quote based on a video call or a face to face inspection after you contact us. Apart from moving services, we also operate as a storage company.

Your piano move requires the new home to be ready. Not ready? No problem! At Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, your move will also benefit from storage services.

We’re one of the few moving companies that also provide access to a secure storage facility. Our service is offered as an extra, so make sure you inquire about it when booking your piano transportation. The safety of your instrument is a top priority for our piano movers. The duration of your storage must be discussed upfront with our storage company for better planning.

Our moving company also offers packing services, so apart from moving and storage, we’ll also disassemble and reassemble the piano and pack it responsibly with safe materials to prevent damage. We know pianos are fragile, but our movers are well trained and experienced.

We also recommend leaving friends out of this. The instrument is expensive and must be safely handled to your new home in Maryland, so let our professional team deal with it.

Contact our professional piano movers for a quote today

You won’t need to get in touch with another business for different parts of the job. Our company team will provide a full-on service. Our piano movers also load the truck and unload it in an efficient manner.

Meanwhile, hang out with your friends and loved ones in your new place and allow us to take care of every aspect of your move. Our piano moving services scream quality. Pianos represent one of our specializations, hence our top-notch reputation.



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