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Relocation Guide for Moving from Florida to Alabama

Moving from Florida to Alabama2Sweet home Alabama! Lynyrd Skynyrd’s chorus inevitably comes to your mind if you’re thinking about moving from Florida to Alabama. Over 60 miles of beaches in coastal Alabama by the Gulf of Mexico, amazing food, plenty of festivals, a rich history, and both big cities and small rural communities. Alabama has a lot to offer.

Whether from South Florida or other parts of the state, more and more people choose moving from the West Coast or the Sunshine State towards the south. Moving from Florida to Alabama means a lower cost of living, southern hospitality, friendly people, and more opportunities to explore.

It feels like starting a new life, but to make the most out of it, you’ll need to do your homework when hiring movers to handle your personal possessions. Whichever state you choose, you can find plenty of moving companies promising the world, including super low moving costs.

While you can also find some Florida movers to help out too, here at Nobel Relocation, we stand out with our reputation. Our moving company has plenty of positive reviews and comes with a full package for your interstate move, offering excellent value for money, speed and professionalism.

Largest Cities in Alabama & Top Places to Live

When moving from Florida to Alabama, large cities tend to offer more opportunities. Huntsville in the north is the largest, followed by Montgomery in the south, Birmingham, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa. Compared to many other states, Alabama doesn’t have massive cities.

Whether it’s the unemployment rate, schools, low crime rates, or services, here are our top recommendations for a new place when you move from Florida:

  • Madison
  • Homewood
  • Meadowbrook
  • Hoover
  • Vestavia Hills
  • Auburn

Our moving truck can take your belongings from anywhere in Florida. It makes no difference if you choose a big town in Alabama or a small rural community. Each option has its own benefits. Our movers can help you decide with advice, but at the end of the day, the final decision will always be yours.

Overall, Alabama is under the national average regarding crime rates. Of course, a big place has higher crime rates than a small rural community.

Business & Job Opportunities in Alabama in Statistics

Moving from Florida to Alabama3There are more offerings than unemployed people when you move to Alabama, so expect to find work relatively fast. In fact, we recommend applying for jobs and going to interview before you actually end up living in Alabama.

Ideally, you should have continuity. Get our movers to take your stuff away from Florida, but you should already have a new home and a job. We also recommend giving yourself a few days or weeks to visit the surroundings and settle in properly before going to work.

Job opportunities vary depending on your qualifications.

Some of the biggest companies hiring in Alabama include Alfa, nou Systems, Encompass Health and Regions Bank, but you can also score good paying jobs with smaller companies like City of Mobile, Belle Foods or Sterne Agee.

The individual income tax in Alabama varies between 2% and 5%. Florida doesn’t have such a tax.

The average salary in Alabama is just over $50,000. By comparison, the average salary in Florida ranges around $55,000.

Schools & Education in Alabama

Alabama has both public and private schools. Some of the best rated school districts include Homewood, Madison, Auburn, Vestavia Hills and Hoover, with each of them counting between five and 18 institutions.

Secondary education is not to be overlooked either, with Auburn University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Samford University, University of South Alabama, and Birmingham-Southern College dominating the list.

Relocating from FL to AL also implies considering schools before you settle in. No matter where in the country you move from your home state, we recommend setting everything up in advance, from doctors and schools to utilities and jobs.

The Cost of Living in Alabama Detailed

Moving to Alabama could be the cheapest way to get your finances in order. Overall, Alabama is about 7% cheaper than Florida.

You’ll pay 6% less for restaurants, 10% less for groceries, and 24% less for housing, whether you pay rent or buy a house. Florida is also 10% more expensive for childcare.

However, transportation costs around 9% less in Florida. It’s worth trying to compare costs before you move from Florida to Alabama, only to know exactly what relocating could bring in. It’s all about financial planning.

Housing Market in Alabama

Moving from Florida to Alabama1Birmingham, AL, for instance, is considered one of the most affordable places in the USA. About 46% of all residents choose to rent their homes. Rental prices tend to go up, and demand is quite high in large cities. If you drive, moving to a less populated area can reduce the costs by up to 40%.

Renting in the central area of a big city can cost you over $1,500 a month for a simple one bedroom apartment. Going towards the outskirts or a quieter area will put the price under $1,000.

If you’re interested in buying, the average property value in Florida is just under $380,000. When it comes to Alabama, the price goes up to $207,000. If you buy, you may have other expenses as well, such as home insurance.

Insurance prices fall in a safe range because, unlike Florida, you don’t have that many hurricanes. Alabama has hot summers and mild winters. Rainfall could be a bit of an issue, especially during spring.

Register and look up real estate websites for an estimate, just to play it safe.

Overall, the housing market in Alabama is among the lowest in the nation, so explore your options upfront.

Cultural Expectations in Alabama

Despite Florida being associated with retirement, Alabama has a more relaxed lifestyle. The southern experience will hit you as soon as you move there, but there’s nothing to worry about, people are friendly and welcoming.

While big parts of Florida seem to have this southern atmosphere, the truth is it feels more natural in Alabama.

Other than that, Alabama is considered the most religious state in the USA, so faith and prayer play a big part in people’s lives.

The sports culture is also massive in Alabama. The University of Alabama has a football team that is loved throughout the state. Known as Crimson Tide, the team has a big rival in the neighboring state of Tennessee.

Talking about sports, some of the leading teams in Alabama include:

  • Birmingham Barons
  • Birmingham Squadron
  • Huntsville City FC
  • Montgomery Biscuits
  • Rocket City Trash Pandas

Compared to other states, despite having a sports culture, Alabama doesn’t have any world-renowned teams in major leagues, but that doesn’t mean the audience is low.

Our #1 Moving Service from Florida to Alabama

Here at Nobel Relocation, our moving service tackles all kinds of locations, whether you’re moving to a house or an apartment. Contact our moving department and we’ll make sure to provide value for money, as well as a smooth and stress-free experience you won’t regret.

Our moving company will ease your relocation from Florida to Alabama by offering a full package. Apart from loading and unloading everything, we have a few extras that are optional:

  • Packing and unpacking prior to and after your move from Florida to Alabama, using our own materials and boxes, at an affordable cost and covered by insurance.
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture to ensure everything fits into your new home without risking any damage to your personal stuff.
  • Car transportation, yet our movers have insurance for any type of vehicle. While you could drive from Florida, we recommend leaving vehicle transportation to our experts while you relax.
  • Storage when your moving dates from Florida don’t match. Our storage services mean we can store your belongings in secure and safe locations when you move from Florida.

Even if there’s something else you expect, you’re unsure about some of our services or something is unclear about the cost, feel free to ask and chances are we’ll be able to help and make your life easier.

How to Book Our Moving Service from Florida to Alabama

Our moving services from Florida to other places come with numerous benefits at an affordable cost. You don’t have to visit us in person, but give us a call or contact us online.

One of our movers will visit you in person or assess your stuff through a video call. We’ll introduce you to our extras, their benefits, and the cost associated with each of them. We’ll give you a bit of time to explore our estimate and free quotes, too; there’s no pressure whatsoever.

We recommend our clients to register interest in advance, regardless of when they need to move.

  • You want to make sure we’re available, so earlier is better.
  • We may need some parking permits for Florida or Alabama.
  • If you move to an apartment building, we may have to book the elevator as well.
  • Knowing what you need to move from Florida will help us determine how many trucks we need, not to mention other things for car transportation, for example.
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Ready for your move away from Florida? Ready for the low cost of living and southern friendliness? Ready to enjoy living by the forest or perhaps the beach? Your options are countless when going from Florida to Alabama, and the good news is that we can take your belongings anywhere, anytime.

Here at Nobel Relocation, we’ll ask the questions, so there’s nothing to be concerned about. The more we know, the more accurate our quotes will be. We don’t have any hidden costs, so what we tell you is what you’ll pay.



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