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Key Takeaways to Remember When Moving from Florida to Boston

Moving from Florida to Boston3A big city, plenty of small towns around, culture, sports and four seasons, that’s pretty much what you can expect when moving from Florida to Boston. It’s one of the most populous cities in the USA and offers opportunities for everyone, from single professionals to big families.

Whether you’re looking for a second home or you’re moving from Florida to help your career flourish, hiring the best moving company you can find is definitely a big deal. A move from Florida to Massachusetts isn’t something small, so you don’t want to mess about it.

Here at Nobel Relocation, we try to simplify everything for our clients by offering a full package deal when moving from Florida. From all the moving companies out there, we’re the ones to provide packing services, storage and even vehicles moving over long distance moves or even moves to a different country.

Weather & Climate in Boston, Massachusetts

Generally speaking, the weather is similar in most states around Massachusetts. When moving to Boston, MA, get ready for a humid continental climate. This means you’ll have both warm and cold weather. In the summer, the temperature averages 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Living in Boston, MA also means you’ll get cold winters, including snow. There are harsh winters as well. Temperatures often go under freezing point in winter. Generally, rainfall is expected throughout the year, especially from spring to fall.

Compared to Florida, Boston, MA offers more variety. You’ll never be sick of too much heat or harsh weather because seasons change every three months. The summer is bearable, but the winter could be a bit surprising if you’re used to the climate in Florida.

Housing Market in Boston, Massachusetts

While Florida is considered an expensive city, the median sales price for properties in Boston is often higher than it is in most places in Florida, including Miami. The average price for a large house ranges around $530,000.

Moving from FL is a step up on the ladder, offering more benefits in the long term.

It’s not what most people expect in the city, but on the same note, there are also more opportunities for high earning jobs in Boston, MA. Whether you rent or buy, chances are you’ll pay more in downtown Boston than around the outskirts of the city.

There are many small towns surrounding it, so a lot of people choose to commute instead of moving to the biggest city they can find.

Cost of Living in Boston & MA

Moving from Florida to Boston1By comparison, the cost of being in Boston, MA is higher than in Orlando, Florida and even higher compared to smaller towns in Florida. If you compare the state, Florida is about 16% cheaper than Massachusetts. You’ll pay less for groceries, restaurants, transport, accommodation and childcare, between 5% and 13%.

There’s a pretty big difference in childcare, with Florida being about 50% cheaper than Massachusetts.

On a different note, employers in MA pay about 20% more money than employers in Florida, especially if you have a higher education degree, too.

Given the numerous colleges and universities in Boston (especially Boston University or a few other institutions in the north), it’s clear that employers have a decent pool of professionals to choose from.

While you will face some competition moving from Florida, you shouldn’t struggle to find a job in Boston.

Hotspots & Culture in Boston, Massachusetts

Whether you choose downtown Boston or a small town, you’ll always have a park nearby. Parks are ideal for outdoor activities and represent the main hotspots in Boston, apart from the downtown area.

In terms of attractions, you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Common, Public Garden or Museum of Science. You’ll hear a lot about the local sports culture too. No matter what part of Florida you’re moving from, it will take you to a more dedicated area when it comes to sport.

Boston Celtics is the favorite team in the NBA among locals, but other sports are just as important:

  • Red Sox for baseball

  • Bruins for ice hockey

  • New England Patriots for football

  • New England Revolution for soccer

Arts, films, theatre and festivals are pretty popular in Boston too. There’s no need to worry if you’re unsure what to do, you’ll always find something to keep busy while keeping costs low. Hang around the state house and go downtown for a lively atmosphere with plenty of activities..

Safest Neighborhoods to Live in Boston, Massachusetts

Some of the best neighborhoods to pick when moving to Boston from Florida include:

  • Fenway & Kenmore

  • Brighton & Allston

  • Beacon Hill & West End

  • Somerville

  • South Boston

  • Cambridge

  • Jamaica Plain

  • Charlestown

No matter which neighborhood you choose when moving, you’ll have no issues finding a school for your little one or public transport to downtown. It makes sense to decide on all these things prior to moving, so you can make your life easier.

Certain areas are more popular among students. Also, there’s a higher demand for places if you’re moving downtown, so be prepared to beat others for higher prices when you move from Florida.

Of course, being downtown gives you access to more opportunities, more to discover, and plenty of job opportunities. But don’t be afraid if you pick a small town or a neighborhood on the outskirts; public transportation is quite convenient. Compared to Boston, public transportation in Florida is worse.

How to Prepare When Moving from Florida to Boston, Massachusetts

Moving from Florida to Boston2At Nobel Relocation, we strive to offer a perfect service, but there are a few things you need to do yourself, such as finding a new home first. Apart from housing, find a new doctor, browse the local schools, and explore the area. Find a job too.

Other than that, no matter what other folks are telling you, some parts of Boston require parking permits. If you drive, register with the authorities to get a permit. If you don’t drive, get a CharlieCard for public transport, which is quite reliable.

Be aware of local trash and recycling rules, so talk to the neighborhood resources or check with the authorities if unsure. The same goes for cleaning days, when you need to park accordingly. No matter what others are telling you, transfer the title and registration as soon as you move.

If you’re wrong, talking to the authorities won’t take you out of trouble. Don’t just guess the rules, but do your homework upfront.

And while you may not be close to as many coast beaches as in Florida, Boston has its own beaches as well, so feel free to enjoy them.

Explore Our Full Package Deal for a Smooth Move from Florida to Boston, Massachusetts

While there are more moving companies that can help with a long distance move from Florida to Massachusetts, our moving company stands out in the crowd. We offer a long distance package to Massachusetts, so the good news is you won’t have to book any other services separately.

This means you can get packing services, unpacking, furniture assembly and disassembly, fine art and fragile item moves, car and vehicle moves and even storage if you struggle to match the moving dates to Massachusetts.

Our team will introduce you to all the extras we offer. It’s cool if you don’t need all of them, yet it’s worth noting we offer good value for money and cost effectiveness, regardless of where in the country you’re moving, be it Massachusetts or a different state.

Fill the contact form, talk to our team, and moving will become a pleasure.

Cost of Moving from Florida to Boston, Massachusetts

Our moving company will give you a long distance moving quote for Florida to Massachusetts based on your needs and the extras you require. The cost will depend on more factors, but our team will ask all the right questions to ensure your cost quote is accurate.

Moving from Florida also depends on the distance and how much stuff you need to move. On average, our moving company will cost you $1,000 to $4,000 for a studio or one bedroom move to Florida. A two or three bedroom home will cost between $2,000 and $5,000 on average.

Such a cross country move to Florida is difficult to estimate without having all the data. Fortunately, we take moving very seriously and our moving quotes for Florida are customized in the smallest details to ensure a good deal. That’s why we need you to fill out the form, so we can get in touch with you first.

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