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The Complete Guide for Moving from Florida to Louisiana

Moving from Florida to Louisiana3Louisiana is one of the most attractive options if you’re sick and tired of the rat race from other states. Moving from Florida to Louisiana will give you a unique culture, extraordinary food and natural landscapes. While South Florida is renowned for its beaches, Louisiana won’t disappoint either.

The job market isn’t too bad either, while the low cost of living makes it ideal for professionals and families. Throw in the slow paced lifestyle, and you have the perfect destination, whether in Baton Rouge, New Orleans or perhaps a small rural area.

Moving away or starting a new life from Florida to Louisiana means you’ll also need to find some experienced movers. The wrong Louisiana movers can add stress to this venture, which will ruin everything.

Here at Nobel Relocation, our moving company has brought together a team of professional movers ready to take your personal belongings anywhere from Florida to Louisiana. Our moving company is a top option for your Louisiana move and for plenty of good reasons.

Job Market When Moving to Louisiana

Moving from Florida to Louisiana1Our moving experts recommend finding jobs or attending interviews before moving from Florida to Louisiana. Whether you live in Fort Lauderdale, Miami or other parts of Florida, you can often have online interviews these days.

Job openings are 0.5% higher in Louisiana than the national average, and higher than in Florida too. There are less applicants than actual jobs, so Louisiana is craving for workers in all fields and industries. This means finding a job shouldn’t be difficult.

Big cities in Louisiana provide more opportunities than small towns.

The biggest employers in Louisiana include Delta Electronics, Morgan and Company, CenturyLink and LHC Group.

Florida has no income tax, that’s its main advantage. But the income tax in Louisiana isn’t too bad either, ranging between 1.85% and 4.25%.

Safety & Crime Rates to Consider When Moving from Florida to Louisiana

Compared to other states and especially Florida, Louisiana isn’t necessarily the safest state in the country. But like everywhere else, common sense will keep you out of trouble when living there. Some of the safest cities in Louisiana include Addis, Rayne, Harahan, Covington, Mandeville, DeRidder, Zachary, Broussard, Westwego and Slidell.

Like everywhere else, bigger cities have rough areas, so crime rates are higher compared to small rural communities.

Sports & Entertainment in Louisiana

Fill the online form, get in touch with our moving experts and let our movers load the moving truck and take your belongings from Fort Lauderdale or any other part of Florida to Louisiana. Meanwhile, explore the beautiful theme parks or perhaps find some entertainment away from FL.

Some of the most popular sports teams in Louisiana include New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Pelicans and Louisiana State Tigers.

In terms of entertainment, the French Quarter has plenty of options. You can also visit:

  • Jackson Square
  • Frenchmen Street
  • Garden District
  • Preservation Hall

You won’t find too many Shreveport movers ready to provide a full service, so let our movers handle the moving from FL while you settle into your new home and become familiar with the area. Our movers will clear out the hassle at a good cost, handling your stuff like it’s ours.

Cost of Living in Louisiana Vs. FL Reviewed

Moving from Florida to Louisiana also implies considering your potential lifestyle.

Not even the best Florida places can compete with Louisiana in terms of cost of living. You’ll spend about 3% less for restaurants, 9% less for groceries, 7% less for transportation, 20% less for housing and 36% less for childcare.

Florida is more expensive, so moving away from FL will give you a financial advantage.

Clothing will cost about 2% more in Louisiana than in FL, regardless of the city you pick. When you move from a place like Jacksonville or Tampa, FL, you’ll sense the difference straight away with a wide range of savings for your family.

The average yearly wage in Louisiana is around $37,000. You can get around $46,000 in Florida, so wages are directly proportional, too.

Largest Cities & Safest Neighborhoods in Louisiana

Moving from Florida to Louisiana2Here at Nobel Relocation, our team of moving experts is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition when moving from FL to Louisiana. We can move your furniture, car, clothes or even a full apartment or house from FL in no time. Relocating is a stressful part, whether you’re coming from York, Jacksonville or Miami, FL. Our movers aim to take all the hassle away.

New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Metairie and Lafayette are the most populous places when moving to Louisiana. Your relocation to one of these places means you may have to pay more for everyday expenses, but schools and job opportunities are more varied, too.

As for the best places to choose when moving to Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Bossier City, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Metairie and Shreveport dominate the list.

Both big places like New Orleans and small communities like Union have their benefits and drawbacks, like every other place in the world. Of course, a large city is more expensive, but jobs are more varied. The cultural influence is also higher, given the proximity to Mexico.

Less population is on point if you’re after a tranquil place, similar to some places in FL, but then, you won’t find too many companies hiring. Moving customers located in small areas may require longer commutes in order to work or for various amenities.

4 Reasons To Choose Our Top Rated Moving Service for Florida to Louisiana Moves

While there might be quite a few Louisiana movers out there, most of them won’t be able to provide the low cost and value for money when going from Florida to Louisiana.

Our moving company can take your stuff from Fort Lauderdale or other parts of Florida anywhere in Louisiana, from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

  • Free quote. Your experience with our moving company starts with free quotes based on what you need when moving from Florida to Louisiana, the distance to your new destination and extras like packing or storage, among others. Even if you don’t need any extras, we’ll do the loading ourselves, while still keeping everything within your budget.
  • Multiple extras. From packing with our own boxes in Florida to storage or vehicle transportation, we’ve got you covered.
  • Residential and commercial. We can move an office, a whole house or fine art from Florida. No matter what you need, we’re one of the few moving companies serving both fields around Florida.
  • Full insurance. We can guarantee a safe transportation of your belongings, but we also have full insurance for your peace of mind.

Simply put, we’re here to make this big, easy move from Florida to Louisiana the most enjoyable experience of your life.

How to Prepare for Moving to Louisiana from Florida

Moving to Louisiana from Florida could come with a high cost when hiring the wrong moving companies, whether you move from Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville or another place. But for our movers, moving to Louisiana is one of our specialities.

Like for other moving companies, our movers recommend getting in touch months before you’re actually moving from Florida. We’re serving a huge area and we offer numerous benefits.

Our movers will take you through a detailed moving checklist, explain the cost of each extra item, and give you time to prepare everything.

While our movers do the loading and moving, you should have your new place set for our arrival. If there’s an issue, our movers can also offer storage at an affordable cost.

Our moving experts recommend finding a job, a new doctor, and schools, and figuring out your utilities.

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Don’t hesitate to contact our moving company today for your move from Florida to Louisiana. Get in touch, and we’ll visit you in person or assess everything by video. Don’t worry about missing details, as we know what to ask for an accurate quote.

At Nobel Relocation, we can guarantee there’s no hidden cost.

Our movers will discuss extras, ask about what you may have to move from Florida, where you’re planning to move, the distance and so on. The more details you provide, the easier it is. For example, we may need a parking permit or book the elevator for the day if you’re moving to an apartment building.

Simply put, get in touch, and we’ll give you a free quote with no obligations whatsoever.



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