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Everything You Need to Know When Moving from Florida to Mississippi

Nothing beats southern hospitality, and Mississippi is the perfect example of friendly people and a nice atmosphere. Known for its rich history, diverse culture and beautiful nature around the Gulf of Mexico and its delta, Mississippi is often underrated when it comes to choosing the perfect destination for your move.

Whether for the weather, the cost of living, or nature, moving from Florida to Mississippi is an exciting venture that will bring a fresh breath of air into your life. And while not as popular as other states, we’ve actually helped countless clients move from Florida to The Magnolia State.

We know that moving from Florida to Mississippi is a challenging task. It’s a long distance move that requires a reliable moving company. It’s not the type of local move you can do by taking stuff yourself with a rental truck, so the idea of a DIY move is out of discussion.

When looking for Mississippi movers, here at Nobel Relocation, we aim to offer a full service for your move from The Sunshine State. A full package is the cheapest way to do it in a smooth and hassle free manner. Feel free to get in touch with us for a free quote.

Weather Climate in Mississippi Compared to Florida

Florida is known for its humid subtropical climate, meaning you’re probably used to humid summers that take ages. Hurricanes are quite common as well. As for the cold season, Florida has mild winters and almost no snow at all.

Mississippi has a humid subtropical climate as well, meaning it’s similar, but it feels like the summer isn’t as hot and long as in Florida. Winters are temperate, while rainfall is even throughout the whole year rather than in a rainy season.

From many points of view, Mississippi is considered a warm state as well, so there won’t be too many things to adapt to.

Best Cities & Neighborhoods in Mississippi

It’s common for moving companies to determine their charges based on the distance of the move. Therefore, we suggest having your new place ready before hiring movers. Furthermore, some cities may require parking permits for a moving truck, so our moving company needs to sort all these things upfront.

Some of the best places to live in Mississippi include:

  • Madison
  • Flowood
  • Ocean Springs
  • Ridgeland
  • Oxford
  • Clinton

Most of them are suburbs or towns around big cities. A big city will give you a better job market and more opportunities as well. However, compared to other states, Mississippi doesn’t have massive cities. The largest ones include Southaven, Hattiesburg, Olive Branch, Gulfport and Horn Lake.

If you’re moving from Florida with kids, schools are some of the several factors you’ll have to consider too. Madison, Oxford, Ocean Springs, Hattiesburg and Jackson have reputable high-schools.

Secondary education is not to be overlooked either, with the University of Mississippi, the Mississippi State University and University of Southern Mississippi dominating the scenario, among other names.

Cost of Living, Housing & Prices in Mississippi

Moving from Florida to Mississippi2It’s important to compare everything when moving from Florida to Mississippi, including the cost of living and quality of life. The weather is one of the best Florida considerations, but Mississippi has something similar. And on top of that, Mississippi is also known for the low cost of living.

From consumer prices and rent to groceries and utilities, Florida is 10% to 45% more expensive. Overall, Mississippi is about 20% less expensive than Florida, but at the same time, wages go in the same direction and are directly proportional.

Housing, whether you buy or rent, is up to 50% less expensive in Mississippi, as well as childcare costs. Whether you move to a comparable city or small neighborhood in a quiet town, you’ll love the idea of paying less for everything.

The median wage in Florida ranges around $38,000. In Mississippi, the average wage is around $35,000, so wages versus cost of living will give you a better deal in Mississippi as one of the main benefits.

And to make it even better, here at Nobel Relocation, using our full service deal is the cheapest way to move. Our moving checklist will cover your belongings, distance to your new home and even car or vehicle moves from FL, something most Florida movers can’t provide.

We do recommend planning ahead, so you won’t have to worry at the last moment. Besides, proper planning keeps expenses low as well.

Traffic & Public Transportation Around Mississippi

There are around 73,000 miles of highways in Mississippi. About 5,500 of them are not in the best condition. A new program has been released to get everything in perfect shape. Some of the highways, like MS 32, 304, 315 and 333 are considered scenic routes. There’s not much to be concerned about in terms of public transportation when relocating to Mississippi though.

There are a few airports that serve Mississippi as well.

Every part of the state is served by a good system. Big cities have better systems, of course. You can still connect if you live in a small town or rural area for your peace of mind. However, if you work or you live in a remote area, driving could be better.

It’s advisable to research local requirements in big cities. You may have to register for parking or get a permit based on the address of your house.

Job Market & Taxing System in Mississippi Vs. Florida

Moving from Florida to Mississippi3Mississippi isn’t the best location for jobs, but it’s not too bad either. However, it’s an inexpensive state and the workforce is a bit weaker compared to what you’d expect in Florida. This means finding a job as a qualified professional is much easier than in other states, according to most estimates.

Mississippi has 49 workers for every 100 jobs, meaning the workforce is limited. Despite being able to make it even smoother with a full moving package, on top of being cheaper than other states, job opportunities are pretty varied. The unemployment rate is somewhere around 3%, which is lower than average.

Some of the biggest employers in Mississippi include Amazon, McDonald’s, Lowe’s Home Improvement, AT&T, Target, The Home Depot, US Air Force and US Army. Finding a job that can pay good money won’t really be an issue.

Unlike Florida, Mississippi does have an income tax, set at 5%. There’s also a corporate income tax ranging between 4% and 5%, which is lower than the national average.

Introducing Our Full Package Moving Service

We stand out among moving services because we provide a full package. You can only hire us to move your stuff, but it’s cheaper to get everything, rather than book different services.

  • Packing and unpacking. We’ll do it all for you, disassemble or reassemble furniture and even use our own crates.
  • Load and unload. Sit back and relax, or perhaps visit some attractions around Mississippi while we take care of everything.
  • Storage. There’s no problem if your moving dates don’t match, we can provide safe and secure storage solutions.
  • Full move. Give us the date in advance, and we’ll make sure to transport everything, including cars, motorcycles, fragile items or fine art.

We transport everything ourselves for a smooth operation, rather than mail things over with third parties.

What Makes Our Movers Stand Out

There are quite a few moving companies that can help when moving from Florida to Mississippi. We like to believe that from all the companies out there, our movers stand out. Here’s why:

  • Low cost. We offer a lower cost when compared to other movers from Florida to Mississippi, especially if you book more of our services.
  • Free quotes. When going from Florida to Mississippi, what we quote you is what you’ll pay. The cost won’t change, so you’ll know exactly what to expect from our company.
  • Anytime, anywhere. We won’t help with moves from Florida to Mississippi only, but we can take your belongings anywhere. It also makes no difference if your new home is an apartment in a big city or a house in a rural area. Our movers will take your belongings there at a good cost.
  • Years of experience. We’ve moved countless people from Florida to Mississippi. Our movers know exactly what to do for a stress-free move.
Why Contact Us Early for a Move from Florida

Be it in the middle of summer or during the wintertime, you can hire our company anytime. We’re available year round, so it’s imperative to contact us early, whether in the moving season or not.

Based on what neighborhood you’re moving in, our company may have to apply for parking permits for the day. If you move to an apartment building, we may have to book the elevator for the load.

Hiring us early for your Florida move will ensure all the factors are taken care of. In other words, there should be no unexpected situations whatsoever.

Contact Our Moving Company Today!

Here at Nobel Relocation, you don’t have to register interest or conduct research because our reputation says it all. It all starts with free estimates based on what you need to move and where.

One of our experts may visit you in person, but we can also give estimates for your move from Florida over video calls.

Get in touch by phone or mail and we’ll provide everything you need to know about your move, as well as what to pay attention to. Even if there’s something you’re unsure of, forget about it, our experts will ask the right questions to get all the details.

Go to Mississippi, explore the area, visit some attractions and find a new doctor or perhaps a school while we take care of everything for you. We know a move can be stressful, so we aim to take all the hassle away with our friendly and efficient moving service.



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