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How to Prepare for Moving from Maryland to Florida

Moving from Maryland to Florida is, indeed, an exhausting job, especially if you count the long distance. There are, indeed, quite a few Maryland movers or Florida movers around South Florida, but among all the Florida moving companies out there, Nobel Relocation moving services stand out as the most reputable and hassle-free option available.

Our moving company is known for giving you the opportunity to explore the area, settle in, find doctors, schools or jobs while we do everything for you while following community rules. Your move to the Sunshine State has never been more accessible.

Cost of Living in Florida, Better Than Maryland?

Moving from Maryland to Florida1Unlike most expectations, Maryland is about 12% more expensive than Florida, but it depends on what you’re after. For example, renting a classic one-bedroom apartment in the center of a big city will cost you 2% more in Florida.

Food, parking and exploring local attractions will also cost more in Maryland. Most of these benefits are because of the lack of a state income tax in Florida. Despite getting a good deal, it doesn’t mean our Florida services will cost more.

In fact, Nobel Relocation is one of the few moving companies out there offering a smooth move with a bunch of additional services. Call us for a quote, and we’ll give you precise upfront pricing. Rest assured, you can explore local world class attractions while we do everything for you.

Moving from Maryland to Florida, Weather Climate Expectations

Florida has a hot and humid summer season. Places like Palm Beach or Miami tend to get pretty hot in the summertime. Winters are mild and relatively warm. However, it’s worth noting that Florida has a hurricane season between June and November, so you may have some local rules to follow to keep safe.

There are many factors that make Florida a better option than Maryland. No matter when you schedule your Florida moving adventure, we can reassure our moving customers that our service is flawless, with no issues whatsoever.

Best Places to Live When Moving from Maryland to Florida

Our moving services will require the exact distance and volume of what you need to move. From that point on, we’ll take over. We can give you a few moving tips as well, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you where you want to move. Moving costs depend on the location as well, based on the distance.

We have countless satisfied customers because we offer both commercial and residential moving services. Big cities are desirable because of the job opportunities and good schools, but rural communities offer a more laid back lifestyle.

Largest Cities in Florida

Picking one of the popular cities in Florida means you’ll gain access to lots of jobs, exciting nightlife and great restaurants. With nearly a million citizens, Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida. Despite being smaller, Florida seems to be more popular due to its beautiful coastline and quality of life.

Other big cities worth some consideration in FL include Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Port St. Lucie, Cape Coral and Tallahassee. When moving from Maryland, we’ll give you an accurate quote based on the location and the distance to it.

Best Places to Live in Miami

You could come from the best Maryland city or neighborhood, chances are it can’t compare to Miami, which is one of the most popular cities in Florida. It’s also the ideal place for most people relying on our services.

Some of the best neighborhoods to consider for this long distance move include:

  • South Beach, known for its beach
  • Brickell, the financial district
  • Little Havana, known for the culture
  • Downtown Miami, the bustling city center
  • Wynwood, great for attractions and activities
Job and Business Opportunities When Moving from Maryland to Florida

Moving from Maryland to Florida2(1)Living in Florida is not for retired people only. To some, it could be the cheapest way to start a new career or live in a beautiful place. Wages are directly proportional to the cost of living.

If MD is about 12% more expensive, wages are also slightly higher. On average, wages in Florida are about 7% lower. You’d have to put more work in to earn the money that you currently earn in Maryland.

But then again, it depends on whether you choose one of the big cities or you’d rather be close to beaches. Costs vary, regardless of what you rent or buy.

Best Attractions to Explore When Moving from Maryland to Florida

When going from Maryland to Florida, you’ll find numerous attractions. Let us take care of your relocation, packing and moving your belongings. We’ll give you a free quote, just tell us about the move day and our affordable movers will ensure a hassle free transition while you explore the area.

Outdoor Activities

Apart from the beaches, make sure you explore the Everglades National Park, Canoe Capital of Florida, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park and Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park. Florida is ideal for camping, hiking, cycling and walking tours.

Art and Museums

There are lots of art galleries and museums to explore while we move your belongings from Maryland to Florida. The NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is great if you have kids, but don’t miss the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, Wynwood Walls, Ringling or Universal Studios either.


Start planning your city or state exploration by counting on the beaches as well. Some of the best rated beaches in Florida include:

  • Sebastian Beach, Fort Lauderdale
  • Alys Beach, South Walton
  • South Beach
  • Bowman’s Beach, Sanibel Island
  • Bahia Honda, Florida Keys
  • Siesta Beach, Sarasota

Beaches are some of the best attractions when coming from Maryland to Florida.


Florida has a good sports scene, hosting clubs and teams in some of the largest leagues in the country.

Coming from Maryland to Florida will give you access to something exciting to watch, no matter what you’re into.

Top rated teams include:

  • Marlins, MLB
  • Tampa Bay Rays, MLB
  • Heat, NBA
  • Orlando Magic, NBA
  • Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL
  • Dolphins, NFL
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL
  • Florida Panthers, NHL
  • Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL
  • Inter CF, MLS
Nightlife and Food Scene When Coming from Maryland to Florida

Big places have a rich nightlife. Now, depending on where you move, you can find more expensive or cheaper restaurants, just do your research. Mexican, Cuban and Italian food are quite popular in Florida, yet you can find restaurants with all kinds of specialties and cuisines.

Street food is extremely popular in Florida, too.

Trust Our Moving Company for a Smooth Move

We’re one of the top rated movers in the area and for some good reasons:

  • Excellent prices
  • No hidden costs
  • Full license and insurance (required by the law)
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Fine art and glass transportation
  • Packing, storage and vehicle moving extras
  • Custom crating solutions
Our Moving Services & Extras Explained When Coming from Maryland to Florida

Moving from Maryland to Florida(2)Interested in a long distance move from Maryland to Florida at an affordable cost? No problem! Moving is, indeed, an exhausting experience, but our movers come with numerous benefits, easing your life into Florida living. There are more reasons why Nobel Relocation is one of the top-rated relocation companies.

First of all, we’re affordable. We offer good value for money by offering relocation extras as well, such as packing or storage. Our packing service means our movers will also disassemble and reassemble furniture, not to mention bringing our own packing materials and crates for your relocation.

The list of benefits goes further, as our moving specialists come with a full insurance, years of experience and a full license. The insurance means your long distance move from Maryland to Florida is fully covered.

Our moving package is cheaper if you get all the moving extras for us, rather than book other services for your relocation. Our storage services is ideal if your moving dates from Maryland to Florida don’t match.

Plus, we can ease your long distance relocation from Maryland by also transporting your car. Our insurance also covers the vehicle while our movers are in charge, so there’s nothing to be worried about.

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The cost also depends on how urgent your move is. We recommend contacting our moving experts early to avoid disappointment. Given our reputation and full package deals, we’re constantly booked for such long-distance moves all over the country.

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