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Moving: Miami to Atlanta moving company

Moving from Miami to Atlanta? Our Atlanta movers aim to simplify the moving process and provide a stress free experience, regardless of how many belongings you have or what you need to transport.

We know a long distance move is a big deal, so we ensure we’ll cover everything. While you can do it yourself with a rental truck, a professional company will give you a better deal on your Atlanta relocation. Let us handle the long distance move while you focus on your new job or perhaps what Atlanta suburb to choose.

How much does it cost to move from Miami to Atlanta?

Get in touch with our moving company, and we’ll give you a no-cost quote, no obligation whatsoever. Most moving companies will charge based on the number of bedrooms. That’s our main focus too, but we’ll assess your upcoming move in smaller details for a more appropriate quote. We’ll take a look at your stuff in person or over a video call, but we’ll also consider frangible items, just to give you a few details about the quote customization. Our long distance movers want to ensure you only pay for what you need rather than a general price.

How much do movers cost?

Shipping your belongings with our moving company depends on the amount of stuff. But then, you can also opt for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking services as you leave the Magic City. A free quote is by far the best way to assess your moving process, as we deeply customize it for excellent accuracy.

The 7 best neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA

When moving from Miami FL to Atlanta, you want to do it in a safe place with great potential. Based on safety rates, criminality, best public schools, access to infrastructure and public transportation, job opportunities, and reviews from people who recently moved to Atlanta, here are the best neighborhoods in Atlanta GA:

  • Sandy Springs
  • Buckhead
  • Inman Park
  • Midtown
  • Decatur
  • Lake Claire
  • Virginia-Highland
What is the average cost to move from Miami to Atlanta?

The average cost of moving from Miami FL to Atlanta GA is $2,800 for a bedroom, $3,800 for two bedrooms, over $5,000 for three bedrooms, and over $7,000 for four bedrooms. Different companies and movers offer different services and extras when moving to Georgia, so our quotes could be under or above the average, depending on your household items, bedrooms, and extras. We also recommend contacting us early and setting the move day way in advance.

Who are the best Miami to Atlanta movers?

No matter what you expect from your move to a new city, our family owned business at Nobel Relocation will strive to exceed your expectations. We’ll be your friends and family in this venture and help you start your new life with no stress or hassle at all.

Cost of living

A family of four will need about $3,000 a month, without accommodation, while a single person can do with less than $1,000. Median rent is under $2,000 a month for an apartment in the central part of Atlanta, while the price ranges around $3,000 for a three bedroom apartment in the same area. Housing prices are about $2,000 per square meter outside the central area and under $4,000 in the city center. It’s a great quote if you compare it to the national average.

Living costs compared

You’ll most likely need about $7,000 to maintain the same lifestyle you can have with $5,500 in Atlanta. South Florida has always been an expensive place, much more expensive than North Georgia, South Carolina, or other places in this range.

How much does it cost to hire a professional moving company from Miami to Atlanta?

Moving cross country can be stressful, but our quotes will make it easier for you. We’ll break everything down after assessing and viewing your things, breakable items, and number of bedrooms, not to mention discussing extra services like packing or unpacking. We’re ready to guarantee a great price. Our quotes are free too.

How to ship a car from Miami to Atlanta

Our local teams will take care of this too. You can, of course, drive yourself to the destination, while our moving truck brings in your belongings. But at the same time, you can also rely on Delta Airlines or a different airline, enjoy a peaceful flight, a meal, and a Coca-Cola while we do it for you.

How much is a moving truck from Miami to Atlanta?

Your quote will depend on the precise destination, bedrooms, the volume of your things, special items that require more attention, and extras. We can’t provide a general price for your move from Miami without knowing what you want to move. The quote will vary depending on all these things.

Pros and cons of moving to Atlanta

Not sure whether moving in the metro area of Atlanta or the surroundings is a good idea? Here are the good things.

  • It has plenty of job growth and work opportunities.
  • The Georgia tech industry has a great reputation.
  • It’s a bike friendly city, but it also has great infrastructure if you have a driver’s license.
  • There are lots of neighborhoods with character.
  • Public and private schools have a good reputation.
  • There are many sports events and teams like Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Braves, or Atlanta Falcons.
  • There is a good amount of entertainment for life, take the Fox Theatre or the Georgia Aquarium, for example.
  • The health care system is solid and well established.
  • It’s a family friendly place.

How about the negative parts?

  • Public transportation is better in Miami.
  • There are more coffee shops and bars in Miami.
  • Some places in Miami are better rated, such as the Broward County.
Finding a job in Atlanta before you move there

Finding a job in Atlanta is not difficult. There are lots of employment opportunities for both professionals and unqualified workers. Searching online is probably the best way to find it.

Cost of living: Miami vs Atlanta

The cost of living in Atlanta is about 30% lower than in Miami, regardless of your living standards.

Local Miami movers

We’ll take care of the whole process, from quoting and packing to loading, unloading, and unpacking. We can transport heavy furniture, fragile items, and even your car.

Where to live in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is generally considered a safe place, with some of the top neighborhoods including Decatur, Virginia-Highland, and Little Five Points & Candler Park. Central areas are not as safe as suburbs.

At Least 4 to 6 weeks before the move

Here is a quick checklist of what to do before cross country moving:

  • Pack many of the things you won’t use, or let us do it.
  • Settle local memberships.
  • Notify insurance companies.
  • Find cable and Internet providers.
  • Find new dentists, doctors, and vets.
  • Apply for jobs.
  • Get a quote from us and start getting ready.
Moving from Miami to Atlanta

Once the big day comes, we’ll make it as smooth as possible and ensure there won’t be any unpleasant surprises on the way. See you at your destination!



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