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New York could be the ideal destination if Florida doesn’t feel like the perfect home at this stage in life. Sure, Miami makes a great holiday destination, and the laid back lifestyle of Florida is extremely appealing to those close to retirement age. But if you’re after opportunities, career growth, and the hustle and bustle of a big city, New York City is ideal.

Moving is usually covered in stress and drama, but here at Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we’ll ensure a smooth transition to your new home, no matter what you need to relocate.


Finding a new home in New York city

The Big Apple has numerous opportunities. Most people moving there are looking for an active lifestyle, jobs, schools, and a good overall experience. Whether you’re residing in Florida or perhaps Miami Beach, there are no reasons to move to New York if you’re retiring.

If you think New York is for you, these are the best-rated neighborhoods to consider:

  • Lower East Side

  • Upper West Side

  • East Village

  • West Village

  • Greenwich Village

  • Manhattanville

  • Battery Park City

  • Washington Heights

  • Midtown

Our movers will take your belongings from sunny Miami anywhere, be it a quiet place on the outskirts or the busy area around downtown NYC. In terms of pricing and costs, the Bronx and Queens are among the most affordable places in NYC, not to mention Staten Island.

The area around the park is among the most expensive places in the world, followed by Brooklyn. The same goes for the above listed areas, which are considered safe and slightly luxurious. NYC is a big city, and moving there is a big deal, so you need to consider what you do there too. You don’t want to be a long distance from work, especially with the traffic.


Adapting to the weather and climate differences from South Florida to New York

Weather in Miami and the rest of the state has a subtropical profile. Most of the state is in the southern part of the North Hemisphere. That means summers are quite hot and humid, so you’re probably used to the sticky weather. Winters are mild and short. Miami has even milder weather than smaller towns.

New York City can be similar but also different.

Generally, the climate is humid continental, so humid summers in most cities are similar. The southeastern side, including New York City and Staten Island, is in a subtropical climate. The summer often brings in heat waves, while winters are likely to bring in some snow. Humid summers are also more uncomfortable in a city than in a beach town.

If you’re used to beautiful beaches and outdoor activities year round in Miami, life in such a city is different because New Yorkers will be shoveling snow in the wintertime.

Miami is about a chilled lifestyle, swimming and hanging around in the sun. New Yorkers are more active and involved in the rat race, in a good way, of course.

Adjusting to the cultural and lifestyle changes between Miami Beach & NYC

While Miami may feel like the upper east side of New York, people are different. There’s a big difference between Miami and NYC in terms of attitude. The age difference is worth some attention too, as New Yorkers are generally younger.

Sure, Miami is a young city, but overall, the state is seen as a retirement state. Miami stands out as the young city where everyone goes for a good time.

Miami doesn’t have too much industry, so the air is nice to breathe. As you approach the Big Apple, you’ll notice the smog. Driving in Miami or hopping from one beach to another can be a relaxing experience, but driving in New York can be tricky. New Yorkers often count traffic as a top source of frustration.

People living in New York City or nearby cities prefer a busy atmosphere. Indeed, some see the influx of people in NYC as a disadvantage, but others prefer it. When you’re young, active, and still at work, it makes sense. Miami moving is more common when you get tired and about to retire.

You won’t see the NYC influx in Miami, unless you go down the beach.

Residents of NY are younger, more active, and modern. You’ll find hippies, hipsters, professional workers, you name it. Lots of people in Florida are after tranquility on the beach, which you’re less likely to find in a massive city.

NY is more of a concrete jungle, while Miami, as well as Florida overall, will impress with more numerous outdoor activities and related services. It doesn’t mean New York is dull. In fact, Central Park is one of the most appreciated places in the country. Plus, the Coney Island festival attracts millions of visitors.

You’ll find plenty of restaurants in NYC, a rich nightlife, museums, an impressive natural history, and numerous art galleries. Plus, there are lots of shopping opportunities. There are lots of things to do in Miami too, but it can’t compare to such an impressive city.

New York City is among the most expensive places in the USA. It’s also one of the best places to meet people, go out and push your career to another level. NYC is more expensive than Miami and simply offers a different kind of vibe, something you can only find in big cities.

Navigating the cost of living in New York

New York is one of the top 10 most expensive states in the USA, but far from the first position. Living in NY clearly depends on which area you choose. Living costs and property prices vary widely throughout NYC.

Based on prices, some residents choose to live in other city nearby and simply commute to other city.

A single person will usually pay about $1,500 a month to live in New York, without rent. The cost for a family of four may exceed $4,000.

As for salaries, the average salary in New York is around $6,500, higher than in Miami.

Affordable Moving Rates by Nobel Relocation

When moving to New York, the last thing you want is to pay even more for additional services, such as professional movers here. Here at Nobel Relocation Moving & Storage, we run a family-owned business with decades of moving experience. We provide long distance moves, as well as local, country, or even international moves. We’ve helped people move to NYC from over the country, so we know exactly what we’re doing. We know moving is stressful, so we try to make it as smooth as possible by integrating a few extras in the process. It all starts with a free quote, whether we visit you in person or talk to you over a video call.

Some of the extras we offer include packing your stuff in Miami and unpacking in your new location in NY.



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