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Moving from Miami to Philadelphia may seem a bit unusual, but more and more Americans choose to do so. Sure, they’re moving away from the Sunshine State, but at the end of the day, life is more than just great weather.

Philadelphia has become more stable than ever, meaning there are many more job opportunities as well. Indeed, Magic City, like Miami, is often referred to, is excellent if you plan to retire or you’ve already made millions.

But if you’re still pushing to get there, get in touch with us at Nobel Relocation, a professional moving company, and we’ll sort you out.

What to consider before moving to Philadelphia from Miami Moving from Philadelphia to Miami often makes more sense when you grow old, but other than that, young professionals and families swing towards Philadelphia.

If you’re worried about a long-distance move, keep cool and let our professional moving company take care of your stuff.

Here at Nobel Relocation, we ensure our moving services raise to your expectations. Our moving process is straightforward and stress-free. We’ve been helping people to relocate within the USA as well as abroad, so you can leave yourself in good hands with our insured movers and affordable rates.

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Weather in Philadelphia is different from Miami If you couldn’t live without air conditioning in your Florida home, the weather will pleasantly surprise you, and you’ll never get enough of anything.

Miami, FL has a subtropical climate, as well as most of the state. Philadelphia has four seasons. Just when you get sick of the heat, the fall season kicks in. You’ll have proper snow on Christmas, and summers won’t be as hot as in Florida.

Insight into the housing market in Philadelphia Long-distance moving begins with a place to stay. Just like in Miami, there are plenty of real estate agents in Philadelphia PA, ready to place you in different parts of the city or PA, based on your needs.

Compared to other states, the housing market is competitive and somewhere in the middle. Philadelphia is not expensive, but it’s not among the cheapest places in the USA either.

On average, a home will get about two offers, so there won’t be too much competition. Sales normally occur in less than two months. Before calling our services or moving experts, make sure you find a place to live.

By the end of 2022, the average selling price was around $243,000, a bit lower than the end of 2021. It makes sense, given the fact that the pandemic affected the economy throughout the whole country.

Experts estimate a continuous growth that will quickly get over the pre-pandemic levels. Since the market is not at its peak, finding a new home for a good cost and moving is definitely a good idea.

Cost of living in Philadelphia Our moving experts recommend becoming familiar with the cost of living in Philadelphia. It’s not as high level as in many parts of Miami, but you should still know what to expect upfront.

The cost of living in Philadelphia is about 10% higher than the Pennsylvania average. It’s also 10% higher than the national average.

Our customers seeking transport from Miami to Philly should know that Philadelphia is much cheaper than Miami, just like PA is cheaper than FL.

Relocation services, properties, rent, transportation, and services are inexpensive overall, so making this move is a cost-effective idea. There are more opportunities to grow, work or start a business, as well as a lower cost of living.

Main areas of Philadelphia From your car insurance and cost of living to property costs and schools, different areas of Philadelphia have different benefits and requirements. When relocating to a new place, you want your family, home, and belongings to be perfectly safe.

With these thoughts in mind, here are the best areas of Philadelphia based on popularity and cost of living:

Philadelphia is split into different parts, and the above-mentioned neighborhoods are part of wider areas.

Safety Standards in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has a crime rate of 35 per 1,000 residents. Compared to the national average, Philadelphia has a higher rate among communities in the USA, both small towns and large cities. Of course, it depends on where you hang around, where you live and what you do for a living.

Common sense should keep you out of trouble and help you maintain control over most situations.

On the other hand, with 44% less crime than the national average, Bustleton is one of the safest neighborhoods in the USA. It’s mostly inhabited by retirees and families and makes a good middle choice between urban and suburban areas.

Do your homework online and research potential areas and neighborhoods to live in before looking for homes. Get in touch online or by phone with more than just one real estate company and ask for recommendations.

Your personal safety comes first, so get ready to spend more for a safe and nice neighborhood. When getting in touch with our long-distance Miami movers, you should know that we also provide storage solutions to support you throughout the move.

Again, ask our moving company for a free quote before you start to load your belongings.

Schools in Philadelphia There are lots of schools in Philadelphia for children. You can find elementary schools in most neighborhoods.



As for high schools, some of the top options include:

Interested in higher education? Here are a few leading names:

All in all, should you go without a car, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority does a pretty good job at covering the city. You have plenty of subway, rail, and bus services, many of them connecting the city with the suburbs.

The public transportation service is also a convenient option for getting around the city. A SEPTA Key card will allow you access to all modes of public transportation, including buses, subways, trolleys, and regional rail.

There are many more details to be aware of before the move. We are here to guide you through the entire process and make your move from Miami to Philadelphia as smooth as possible.

Remember, moving doesn’t have to be stressful when you have the right team by your side. Contact Nobel Relocation for professional moving services and get ready to embark on your new adventure in Philadelphia!



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