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How to Get Ready When Moving from Washington DC to Florida

Moving from Washington DC to Florida1Finding a professional moving company to take you to the East Coast of Florida or perhaps Central Florida can be a bit tricky, especially with so many Florida movers out there. Not all of them can offer a full package, though, and that’s when Nobel Relocation kicks in.

Our moving company offers packing, storage and even vehicle transportation.

We’ve gathered a team of experienced movers, specialized in long distance move solutions from Washington, DC to Florida, regardless of where in the Sunshine State you want to move. We’re ready to guarantee an easy move from Washington, DC, and a free quote for the final cost.

Quality of Life Washington DC Vs. Florida

You’ll need to consider your expenses when moving, only to ensure you plan this transition accordingly.

Washington DC is more expensive than most areas in Florida. By comparison, you’ll need almost $8,000 in DC to maintain the same lifestyle in Orlando with just $6,200. Groceries, restaurants, rent or home prices are directly proportional.

In certain parts of Miami, the cost of living is higher, that’s because Florida doesn’t have a state income tax. Unlike most expectations, Florida is close to the national average in terms of cost of living index. Money is not everything, as you also benefit from sunny weather.

Exploring Wages & Job Opportunities When Moving from Washington

Moving from Washington DC to Florida3On the same note, based on where you choose to live, wages are proportional. That’s a serious consideration when moving to a different area. Our movers can offer a bit of advice, but it’s up to you to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

On average, the best Washington jobs will pay about 13% more than similar jobs in Florida. However, if you’re lucky to get a good job in Hollywood, FL, you’ll earn more than in Washington DC.

Most people expect Florida doesn’t have job opportunities due to its association with retirement. Wrong! In fact, the metro area of large places offers excellent job opportunities. Top employers in Florida include DPWN Holdings, Public, Jabil, Darden Restaurants and Cargil International Corp.

Interstate moves can be tricky, but we offer convenient solutions with additional services to ease the transition at a good cost. Give our Nobel Relocation movers the move day, and we’ll take care of your belongings while you secure a job, explore the area or find a new doctor or school for kids.

Weather Differences Washington DC Vs. Florida

Weather is an important consideration when moving, and luckily, moving to Florida means you’ll benefit from a lovely climate.

Summers in Washington DC can bring in up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, while winters can go down to 38 degrees Fahrenheit, so they can get pretty cold. By comparison, Florida has excellent weather, as summers are hot and winter seasons are mild.

Some would say summers tend to be too hot, not to mention the possibility of hurricanes between June and November. However, a hurricane is more common between August and October only.

When moving from Washington, the season is irrelevant for our moving department. We offer affordable relocation packages year-round, including storage. It makes no difference what city you pick for your new home.

Top Rated Cities When Moving from Washington

Moving to Florida is more efficient if you find accommodations first. There are quite a few big areas in Florida where rent or buying costs could be high. The average house price in Miami is nearly $600,000, while prices in Jacksonville range around $300,000.

You can have a smooth move in rural areas and small towns too, where prices are lower, but you may need a car for driving to work. There are also more job and business opportunities in big cities.

Large Cities When Moving to Florida

Jobs and schools are the main reasons people choose large cities in Florida. Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa are the front runners here, but other big places include Orlando, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Cape Coral and Tallahassee too.

Get your moving checklist ready and our moving truck will take care of your load, no matter what you’re moving.

Desirable Places to Consider When Moving to Florida

Here’s a helpful list to consider during your research for the most desirable places to live in Florida. Whether it comes to schools, low crime rate, low cost of living, population recommendations, or other benefits, here are a few top rated places in the Sunshine State:

  • Gainesville

  • Palm Coast

  • Palm Bay

  • Fort Myers

  • Melbourne

Wait until your new address is nearly ready for your peace of mind, then get in touch with our service for a range of extras and a worry free transition. No matter what trusted Washington movers you’re thinking to hire, no one can offer a full package like us while also covering everything with full insurance.

What to Do in Florida

There are loads of things you can do on the East Coast while our moving company brings your belongings from Washington, DC, to Florida. Let us handle your long distance move while you explore the surroundings.

Beaches & Theme Parks

If you’re into outdoor activities, don’t miss out on the Sebastian Beach, Hunter Springs Park, Caladesi Island State Park, South Beach or Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park when coming from Washington DC to Florida.

Food Scene Differences When Coming from Washington DC to Florida

A long distance relocation from Washington to Florida will also give you access to a new food scene. Mexican, Cuban and Italian cuisines are pretty common. There are both fancy and regular restaurants, but most importantly, enjoy the street food in Florida, especially in Miami.


In terms of art and museums in Florida, you’ll find much more than in Washington when living there. Visit Gatorland, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science or Eden Gallery for contemporary art.

Where to Take Kids

Moving from Washington will give kids lots of affordable options. Don’t miss Glazer Childrens’ Museum, SeaWorld, Lion Country Safari or The Wizard of Oz Museum. There’s no rush, as living in Florida means you can visit countless attractions whenever you want.

No matter what city you pick, be it Orlando or Miami, our services will secure and take your belongings to your destination in no time. Explore life in Florida while our moving company takes care of your long distance relocation at an affordable cost.

How to Use Our Moving Services

Moving from Washington DC to Florida2Moving to Florida comes with numerous benefits and access to a different type of population. But on the same note, moving to Florida can also be stressful if you pick the wrong moving company. Our movers will make your life easier by being helpful and efficient.

Our company offers a full package when moving to Florida, meaning we’ll move furniture, offer storage or even packing solutions.

Storage is a must over a long distance move from Washington, especially if moving dates don’t match. You can book storage services separately in Washington or Florida, but having everything from our movers will give you a better cost.

Get in touch with our long distance moving services for a quote regarding the cost. Our movers will assess your belongings, offer extras like storage, packing and vehicle transportation, and then give you a great quote. Our moving specialists can even disassemble and reassemble furniture.

From storage to vehicle transportation, our moving services will take care of everything for you.

Why It’s Important to Call Us Early

Our superior moving service is booked year round, so we recommend booking us early to avoid disappointment. Furthermore, the earlier you book, the easier it is for us to accommodate your requests. Here’s why:

  • The necessity of booking the elevator for the moving day in some apartment buildings.

  • The importance of having parking permissions in certain parts of Florida.

  • The need to ensure we can provide certain extras, such as storage, which may require reserving space for your stuff.

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