7 Effective Ways to Pack for International Move

An international move can be a success if proper preparation and careful execution are followed. For starters, when shipping your items overseas, make sure that they are properly packed and inventoried. More importantly, they should be authorized and permitted by your country of destination. Hiring international shippers is a surefire way to ensure the safety arrival of your items, but it does not mean you will not do anything from your end.

Below are tips on how to properly pack for an international move. Get a notebook and keep them handy.

Understand the Customs Regulations

Knowing the customs regulations in your destination country is not enough. You should be able to understand each and every one of them. Remember that these regulations vary differently from one country to another. Other countries might permit a certain item for entry, but there are those that do not. So, before international movers arrive at your home, make sure that you have reviewed the requirements needed for your shipment to clear customs.

For household items and personal goods, a certain protocol might be followed for importing them. With proper permits and documentation, however, it is possible to acquire approval for restricted items. It is better to be prepared than sorry.

Downsize Your Items

Keep in mind that shipping items overseas can be quite costly, let alone complicated compared to transporting them within state lines. If you want to ease your way to an international move, simplify the process. How do you do it? Well, start by downsizing your items. There are three categories in which you can separate them: donate, sell, and ship. You can either donate or sell items that you do not need. As for the rest, you can simply ship them. In regards to the latter, it is important to note that some items tend to be costly to import. This could be due to customs duties or other restrictions in your country of destination.

Create a Complete Inventory

When clearing shipped items through customs, it is only essential for you to create a complete inventory of these items. It should be detailed and accurate. If you seek the help of professional movers, they can help you with this particular task. Tip: If you have items that are less six months old, bring their receipts and invoices, as some countries will require you to present these for documentation. As for appliances, electronics, and some furniture, the following information is required:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Size
  • Serial Number


Make Sure to Use the Right Supplies

Your items are also on a long journey abroad, so it is only ideal that you keep them safe and secured. Just simply wrap and pack them with extra care, but remember to use only high-quality boxes. You do not want your shipment to be broken or destroyed along the way. If you have a number of glassware or other delicate materials, make use of a bubble wrap. As for items that require special handling, it might be better to keep them in a crater. If you have doubts on this part here, go with a reliable moving company to get the job done.

Get Insured

Be it air or sea travel, the chances of your items becoming lost or damaged are pretty high. This is where the importance of insurance comes in. Just purchase an insurance policy that can properly compensate you in case a mishap happens. Sure, it may cost you a bit, but it is enough to make you feel confident and secured. Interestingly, your moving company of choice can offer you an insurance policy for your shipment. Otherwise, you will have to look for a separate company that offers this type of insurance policy.

For items that are of extreme value (e.g. antiques or artwork), make sure to appraised them prior to purchasing to guarantee their accurate value.

Types of Shipping

Basically, there are two types of shipping methods, and these are air and sea. If you air shipment can arrive in weeks, your sea shipment may require several months. Still, you have the option to ship all of your goods via one shipment. Air shipment is usually for personal items, such as clothing, bedding, and cookware. Sea shipment, on the other hand, is more on furniture and appliances, to name a few.

Bring Valuable Items With You

While some items are required to be shipped, others need to be with you on the plane. These include, but not limited to, important documents, medicines, valuable items, and anything that you need the moment you arrive. All of these must be well-kept and packed in your luggage or carry-on.

For items that must be placed in your carry-on, see below:

  • Jewelry
  • Laptop
  • Medicine
  • Wallet

Important Documents (e.g. passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, school records, etc.)

For items that must be placed in your luggage, see below:

  • Children Toys
  • Air Bed
  • Books and other school-related items for your kids
  • Clothing and shoes

If you want to veer away from the burden of sorting things for an international move, you can always seek the help of professional movers. They can handle everything from packing to crating to shipping. Let them do the heavy lifting for

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