Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving day is a big day for all parties involved, especially kids. It can be new and exciting, but it can also make them a little anxious. This may be their first move and they don’t know what to expect, so you’ll want to help them prepare for a productive and positive moving experience.

The following advice can allow for the best moving experience and to show your kids how it’s done.

Discuss and Explain the Concept of Moving Day

The transition from home to home can come as a big surprise to children, for they have more than likely never experienced something like it. Every child is different, so make room for a different reaction from child to child. Some may be excited and thrilled with the change, while some may be sad or scared to leave their home, school, and friends.

Introduce the idea of moving clearly, and slowly to your child to prevent shock. Hear your child out if they express any fears, and provide reassurance and comfort. Share the reasons it’s necessary to leave their home while making the new home a fun and exciting place to be.

For older children, the news of the big move may spark anger or anxiety. These reactions are also normal, and can be talked through. Another helpful way to reassure your child is to go make plans ahead of time to visit the family and friends you may be moving away from. This can keep them feeling connected to those they’re leaving behind.


Share the Experience

Hearing out your child and answering their questions can lessen the anxiety they may be feeling due to the move. Bringing your children along when looking for homes or exploring the new area could go a long way in comforting them. The experience can give them things to look forward to when moving to the new house.

Add Comfort to the Moving Day

If your child is younger, setting their room up first when moving could be a big help to getting them settled. This allows them to get comfortable and familiar with their surroundings while unpacking the rest of the house.

Older children or teens may not need their entire rooms set up. However, it wouldn’t hurt to give them access to their essential items and activities early on in the move to keep them content and occupied. Setting up internet access early on is a good idea, too.

When it comes to the big moving day, you want it to go as smooth as possible. This is easier when everyone involved is content and at peace with the move. Keeping your child content and comfortable will allow for less stress on you, and more focus directed towards making sure everything goes as planned. Make your moving day perfect and stress-free, for all involved.

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