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Moving from Boston to Florida – Full Relocation Guide

Moving From Boston to FloridaWhat could be better than year-round warm weather, flip flops on gorgeous beaches, theme parks, family friendly attractions and no state income tax? Exactly! Moving from Boston to Florida feels like a dream come true for many and unlike most expectations, you don’t have to be retired to move to Florida.

The Sunshine State is ideal for everyone, from retired people to young professionals and families, not to mention sports fans. But at the same time, such a long distance move from Boston to Florida requires having all the details in place.

With Nobel Relocation, moving from Boston to Florida is a piece of cake. From all the moving companies out there, we offer comprehensive moving services and complete confidence that your belongings are in good hands. All these while you can peacefully explore the area and enjoy the Florida sun.

Benefits of Moving from Boston to Florida

Our moving company has helped countless people when moving from Boston, MA, to places like Key West, Miami or other areas of Florida. People choose moving to Florida for the good weather, beaches, the lack of income tax, cultural diversity, numerous attractions, and things to do both indoors and outdoors.

Florida has a laid back lifestyle. If you’re sick and tired of the rat race in big cities or swapping sell jobs one after the other, Florida will change everything for you. Florida is more affordable than ever, so staying there won’t break the bank. In fact, it’s cheaper than many big cities in the country.

Other than that, you’ll realize it’s easy to find a job. And then, why would you wait until retirement? While there are lots of Florida movers to help out, we’re one of the few moving companies offering a full package. And on top of all that, we come with moving insurance for your peace of mind too.

Moving to Florida, More Than Just a Retirement State

Florida is no longer a destination for retirement only. More and more Boston to Florida movers offer such long distance services because people prefer this modern mix of opportunities, holiday-like feelings and potential retirement.

Florida has a good job market, offering options in many industries, depending on your qualifications. Entertainment is suitable and not just for holiday goers, but for locals as well. You’ll find lots of fun places in Florida, as well as fun things to do on your days off.

Given the options for kids, Florida is clearly a good place for families and young professional workers. Most people from Boston still in work look for big places like Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville or Tampa, since there are more opportunities.

We can offer a stress free move, a bunch of additional services and the utmost care for your stuff. Our movers will do everything for you while you can explore your new place, whether you like walking on a local beach or you plan to attend some job interviews.

Cost of Living in Florida, Beating the Myth

You could have the best Boston location and a good job. Moving to Florida will give you a different experience. Chances are the cost of living in Florida will be more attractive. Forget about the myth that Florida is expensive. Compared to Massachusetts, it’s about 16% cheaper.

This means you’ll pay 12% less in restaurants, 5% less in supermarkets, 10% less for transportation, 14% less for housing and about 50% less for childcare.

This means comparing similarly sized cities will give you different numbers. If you leave Boston for another big city in Florida, you’ll realize the cost is much lower.

Sure, employers in Florida also pay less than employers in Boston, but at the end of the day, moving to Florida comes with other benefits as well, such as the weather and entertainment.

Best Rated Places to Live in Florida

Start preparing for your move from Boston, Massachusetts, with a few things, such as accommodation, jobs and the right moving company.

Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami are the right options if you work hard and you’re looking for good job opportunities. They’re also among the largest places in Florida. Some of our customers choose the big city life, others opt for value for money or a low cost and prefer commuting.

Our movers can take your stuff from Boston to anywhere in Florida.

If you’re after a more tranquil experience and low crime rates, Sarasota, Naples, Melbourne and Jacksonville are ideal.

There are also a few top rated neighborhoods and areas to start your new life in Florida:

  • Audubon Park
  • Beach Park
  • Hyde Park
  • Palma Ceia West
  • Baldwin Park

Of course, you’ll need to plan ahead and research the housing market and jobs too. Our team will deal with loading and unloading everything, from furniture to fine art, before taking our trucks anywhere from MA to FL. Prepare early and get an address before the moving date.

Jobs & Business Opportunities in Florida

Education, hospitality, technology, finances and healthcare are some of the main industries in FL, so you’ll find lots of companies hiring once you start living in Florida. The state average varies around $58,000 a year, with different counties offering different opportunities in terms of business.

Choosing your new place implies looking for a job first, be it a house or an apartment. There’s nothing to worry about if you’re not near your workplace, many residents use public transport or drive.

Some of the biggest employers in Florida include DPWN Holdings (USA), Inc., Jabil, Cargil International Corp. or Bloomin’ Brands, but there are many small companies as well.

Obviously, when relocating, you’ll find better paid jobs in big areas. The overall price of living in a big city in Florida is also higher than in a small town, but jobs, services and opportunities are more varied too.

Weather Climate, a Reference for Florida

The main thing that makes Florida such a nice place is the weather. Any location could be a great place if you’re after good weather and natural beauty.

Most of Florida has a subtropical climate, so summers are hot and sticky, while winters are mild and often wet. Winter temperatures range around 57 degrees F, while they can easily exceed 88 degrees F in the summertime.

The hurricane season starts in June and ends in November.

What to Do in Florida

From beaches and parks to sports and natural attractions, there are lots of things to do in Florida.

Visit the Universal Islands of Adventure, Discovery Cove, NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Magic Kingdom Park or Epcot.

If you’re into nature, the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory won’t disappoint, while some of the top beaches include Siesta Beach, Clearwater Beach and Hollywood Beach.

Big cities, from Jacksonville to Orlando, are excellent to explore, too.

In terms of sports, there’s a solid culture in Florida, with names like:

  • Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays, MLB
  • Miami Heat and Orlando Magic, NBA
  • Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL
  • Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL
  • Inter Miami CF and a few smaller teams, MLS
What’s Included in Your Boston to Florida Move

There’s no stress with our moving service at Nobel Relocation. We’ll load, unload and move your stuff. Fill out the contact form so we can discuss what other services you may need, before you book other providers.

For instance, we’ll give you a flat rate for the basic package, but we also offer storage, packing, unpacking, vehicle moves or furniture disassembly and reassembly. Such extras come with additional fees.

Overall, we offer better value for money with a big package than if you choose to book separate services.

Considerations When Moving to Florida from Boston

Our moving company won’t just provide moving services from Boston, Massachusetts to Florida. Instead, our Boston to Florida movers will also provide some insights into your new life and how to prepare for it.

  • Think about the weather, you’ll need different clothing. Despite the good weather, severe weather may still occur.
  • HOA. Check with the local association before moving, you may need to register.
  • Parking permits. Some areas require them, so get them before you move there. Our Boston to Florida movers may also require one for the truck.
  • Insurance. Insure your home and belongings. Don’t worry about our Boston to Florida movers, we already have insurance for any long distance move.

While some moving services ignore it, our moving company will book the elevator for the day if possible. This is for apartment buildings only.

Our professional moving company will also give you a moving checklist before going from Boston to Florida. Relocating your family and belongings to a new address from Massachusetts can be stressful, but our company aims to take the stress away by keeping customers happy.

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Looking for a professional moving from Boston to Florida? Use the contact form to reach our team, whether you’re moving to a house or apartment. Our team can do it for an affordable price and a flat rate and handle all the loading and unloading of your belongings in MA with no issues at all.

Come forward and our professional movers will give you a cost quote right away. It makes no difference if you move from Boston or nearby places in MA. Our movers have seen and done everything, so you can leave your furniture, art and stuff in professional hands.

Apart from moving, at Nobel Relocation, we can help with packing in MA or unpacking, furniture disassembly and a few other extras. Our moving quote cost is solely based on your needs.



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