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Detailed Guide on Moving from Florida to Connecticut

Moving from Florida to ConnecticutGet ready for four seasons, a top rated education system, the world renowned Yale University, pizza, work opportunities, and a high quality of life when moving from Florida to Connecticut.

While Florida does have its benefits, the truth is Connecticut offers more opportunities, whether you choose a small town or one of the major cities.

Moving from Florida to Connecticut tends to offer new job work for young professionals, while education in the area is excellent for families.

However, apart from all the excitement associated with Connecticut moving, leaving the Sunshine State means you’ll need to find a professional moving company.

At Nobel Relocation, our movers help with both local and long distance commercial moving or residential requests for a hassle free relocation. Our professional movers are better rated than most Florida moving companies because we offer a full package with quite a few additional services.

Our movers have also helped clients moving from Connecticut to Florida, yet the trend goes in the other direction.

What Makes Connecticut So Special

Moving from Florida to ConnecticutMost people would rather move from Florida to Connecticut than Connecticut to Florida. Sure, both North and South Florida have good weather, beautiful beaches and lots of entertainment, but Connecticut is more suitable for families and young professionals.

Besides, Connecticut has quite a few beaches as well on the western coast.

The quality of life is one of the main reasons behind a Connecticut move from FL, with locals earning more than the average income in the USA. Each of the four seasons has its charm, so you’ll never get annoyed with too much heat or cold, as the season changes every three months.

Your Connecticut move will bring in one statewide sales tax, some of the best schools in the country, a rich culture, easy access to New York City and Boston, lots of housing options, and both urban and rural areas.

Restaurants, attractions, sports, and entertainment aren’t to be overlooked when moving.

Cost of Living & Housing When Coming from Florida to Connecticut

Every American moving to Connecticut can expect a lot of benefits, yet the cost of living is about 13% higher than the national average and 12% higher than in FL. From new home insurance and restaurants to shopping and childcare, expect to pay a bit more than in Florida, so costs are a drawback.

No matter what city they’re in, residents don’t seem to be put off by the cost of living. There aren’t too many people moving from Connecticut, in fact, our movers have noticed a trend in the other direction with our moving services.

Florida has no income tax, Connecticut has a tax ranging between 3% and 6.99%.

While it looks like Florida offers some advantages, the annual average salary in Connecticut is about $69,000, while Florida is around $58,000, with light fluctuations here and there. Overall, Connecticut offers a better deal, a good overall service, and high quality of life.

At Nobel Relocation, our professional service is ready to provide a free moving quote based on all the extras you require. Our movers can provide packing, unpacking, and storage as well.

Neighborhoods & Safe Cities to Live When Moving from Florida to Connecticut

Ridgefield, Newtown, Wallingford, Simsbury, New Milford, and Cheshire are rated among the safest cities by the best moving companies and housing associations. When it comes to population, Bridgeport, New Haven, and Hartford lead the list.

As for neighborhoods, Old Greenwich, Cos Cob, Riverside, and Weatogue are among our main recommendations.

Large cities offer more work opportunities and access to more schools, despite not being as safe as smaller communities. Common sense prevails in terms of health and safety. Housing is about 17% more expensive than in Florida.

No matter where you choose to move, our movers can take your belongings to any location in the south. Our movers can also offer packing and unpacking services before transport, not to mention assembly and disassembly services for stuff like furniture before loading everything in our truck.

Whether you need a packing service or perhaps a storage service, our movers have insurance for everything, as well as a good cost for commercial and residential moves.

Jobs & Taxes in Connecticut

Connecticut has shown impressive job growth over the past decade, both in the private and public sectors. The unemployment rate is only at 4.4% due to labor force growth, but that’s higher than the national average.

Some of the biggest employers in Connecticut include Cigna, Otis Worldwide, Amphenol, EMCOR Group, or Stanley Black & Decker, among others. Taxes are higher than in Florida, but wages are proportional too. Jobs filled much faster in Connecticut over the past year, so no wonder people relocate there.

Our movers don’t recommend waiting until you move to look for jobs. In fact, we recommend attending interviews, finding schools, and perhaps a new doctor while your goods are still in transit. Get in touch with us for an accurate quote and final cost.

Keep in mind that we can also provide storage association services if your moving dates don’t match.

What to Know Before Moving from Florida to Connecticut

Florida moving begins with a plan. Our moving services will take care of everything with a full package deal, but there are things you’ll have to do yourself, too. Prior to Florida moving, start looking for jobs and accommodation.

The housing market is more expensive, yet our moving company can take your stuff from Florida to Connecticut, be it a house or an apartment. You’ll climb higher on the real estate market, so plan this relocation accordingly. Cost of living is also higher, as well as wages.

Coming from Florida to Connecticut means you’ll need to dress for four seasons. We provide Connecticut moving packages year round. If you move from Florida to Connecticut in the wintertime, get some extra layers.

On a more technical note, you only have 30 days to transfer your out-of-state license to Connecticut if you drive. While you can also drive from Florida to Connecticut, our Connecticut moving package includes transportation of vehicles too, along with your belongings.

How to Prepare When Moving from Florida to Connecticut

Moving from Florida to ConnecticutWhether you move from Miami or a different place in the Sunshine State, schedule an appointment for us to assess your property and stuff before offering a reasonable price. The price depends on the distance and extras you choose while transporting stuff.

We’ve helped both commercial businesses with equipment and residents with household goods with relocation from places like Miami, Florida to Connecticut.

Moving means you may need to contact your local housing association upfront. In some places, such as a big city, you may need a parking permit. You can start packing your belongings, yet we offer this service, too, along with storage. Costs depend on the extras you need.

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